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5 Signs You Need To Upgrade Your Mattress

You Need To Upgrade Your Mattress

Rest is an essential part of promoting good health and well-being. A good night’s rest makes you rejuvenated and ready for a new day. A worn-out mattress could affect your work performance, health, and overall well-being.

There are subtle signs that should prompt you to get an upgrade on your mattress regardless of the type of mattress previously purchased.

Check out these signs that indicate you need a mattress upgrade.

Restless Sleep

Restless Sleep

Having sleep debt could have adverse effects on your mood and health. If you have trouble sleeping on your bed, you may need a mattress upgrade. A worn-out mattress is uncomfortable and deprives you of proper sleep.

You’ll wake up feeling not relaxed enough, affecting your sleep pattern and healthy lifestyle. Get a reliable mattress from to improve your sleep patterns and health.


A mattress’s lifespan is an average of 7-10 years. If your mattress has exceeded or is within this bracket, you’d better plan how you’ll get an upgrade. Mattresses deteriorate in quality and comfort because of wear and tear, temperature, and humidity fluctuations.

Using it frequently by lying down with your spouse or pet, turning and tossing, or constant movement on the bed causes wear and tear. However, the mattress’s size, weight, and material will determine how far its quality reduces. Consider getting an upgrade if your mattress is getting old and feels lower in quality.

A Saggy Mattress

A saggy mattress shows the wear and tear effect on its material. If you lie on a specific side of the mattress, you’ll find it thinning out, flattening, being springy, or making a lot of noise when sleeping. Check your mattress form and shape for any dips or depression.

A temporary solution is to rotate your mattress periodically to have even areas and avoid having a stiff back when sleeping. However, you should get a new mattress for a long-term solution.

You Get Muscle And Joint Aches When You Wake Up

comfort or relaxation

If you wake up with muscle or joint aches instead of feeling rejuvenated, then you could use a mattress upgrade. It shows that you don’t get adequate comfort or relaxation when sleeping or lying down.

Retrace your steps to analyze if you’ve had any strenuous exercises during the day before condemning your mattress.

If Your Allergies Flare Up

If your allergies flare up at night immediately after you lay down, your mattress could be due for an upgrade. The mattress collects dust and other debris in the air or your room over time that could cause you sniffles or other allergic reactions.

Monitor the trends and patterns of your allergies and try changing where you sleep to ascertain the cause of your allergies. Flipping the mattress periodically and using mattress covers could be temporary solutions as you prepare for your upgrade.

Wrap Up

A good mattress improves your health, wealth, and mood. It also improves your sleep pattern, lifestyle, work management, and performance. Keep the above in mind to know when you’re due for a mattress upgrade.

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