Essential Oral Hygiene Practices For Your Kids To Adopt

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Oral Hygiene

Ask any dentist and they will gladly confirm that the cause of most dental problems is a poor oral hygiene regime, especially among children.

In this short article, we outline the basics of a good oral hygiene regime, which you can pass on to your children.

Checkout 6 Best Tips Of A Oral Hygiene Regime:

1. Brushing


There are techniques you can use to make brushing more attractive to your kids and once they understand why brushing 5 times a day is important, you should have no real issues if you can get them into a habit.

You could show them a few images of people with rotten teeth, which often has the desired effect. The most important brush is the evening one, as this ensures minimal bacteria in your mouth for the 8-hour sleep and in the morning should be a thorough toothbrushing session, right after breakfast, while brushing after lunch and dinner also.

2. Flossing

We all know why flossing is important and explaining this should be enough motivation for your kids to adopt the habit. Of course, you need to show them how to floss, there are some great YouTube ‘how to floss’ videos to help.

If you are looking for a child-friendly dentist, Narre Warren team has a nearby clinic and they can make sure your kids have a good oral hygiene regime. If your kids don’t floss, this could see the start of tooth decay and it is always important to remember that kids need constant reminding.

3. Mouthwash

If you can get your children into the habit of using mouthwash after snacking, this will help keep bacteria levels down. You could make a point of having family toothbrushing sessions at the weekends and when it is time for a dental appointment, you can all go together.

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4. Rinsing often

Rinsing often

When drinking water, you can swish it around for a while, which is almost as good as using mouthwash, plus children need to stay hydrated. If your child is ready for play school, click here.

5. Diet

Your kids need to understand the damage that sugar causes to their teeth and there are several ways to do that, depending on their age.

You can find cartoons online that teach children about a healthy and balanced diet, plus you can engage them in dialogue, especially when doing the grocery shopping, pointing out things that you don’t buy and the reasons for doing so.

Keep an eye on sweet things that your kids might eat and when buying soft drinks, try to avoid those that contain sugar.

6. Regular dental check-ups

Every 3-6 months, you and your kids should make an appointment to have an oral examination and should the dentist find any issues, prompt treatment can be carried out.

As parents, we constantly worry about the health of our children and if you make sure your kids have regular dental check-ups, any issues can be promptly treated. Good oral hygiene is essential for adults too, as this reduces the risk of tooth decay and other oral issues.

Some children need more motivation and instruction than others when it comes to oral hygiene and being their parent, you are in a position to ensure that your kids have a good oral hygiene regime, which should ensure that they have strong and healthy teeth.

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