How To Be Productive Every Day? Ways To Stop Procrastinating!

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Stop Procrastination

Are you one of those who spend your time worrying about things they have to do instead of doing them? PROCRASTINATION! It is one of the words most people use daily. Most people describe themselves as professional procrastinators because they barely complete tasks on time.

While the word is used on a lighter note, it is affecting people’s lives and productivity. If you often feel the pressure of daily tasks but leave them for the last minute, this article is for you. We have tips to get things done on time rather than worrying about them. Here are some practical tips you can incorporate into your daily life!

How To Be More Productive And Stop Procrastination?

We often have a deadline looming on our heads, but we spend time surfing the internet. We break into a cold sweat when the deadline gets closer, wondering where the time went. If you have the habit of doing so, here are some tips for you:

1. Make A Schedule with Smaller Milestones

Make A Schedule with Smaller Milestones

If you have any task to complete at a certain time, it is best to write everything down. Writing the tasks, you have to do on paper makes you more accountable. From taking turmeric vitamins to taking a bath, write down every task for the day.

When you know about everything you need to do, you get started on them. It is best to write down smaller milestones and tasks you can accomplish in a certain time. Meeting smaller goals motivates you to complete the rest of the tasks on the list.

2. Set A Timer And Reminders

If we think we will do a task at a certain time, we never do it. Chronic procrastinators have the habit of wasting time and contemplating everything. One of the things that can get a procrastinator to break out of their habits is putting pressure on them. One of the best ways to get procrastinators to work is to set timers and give them tight deadlines.

Set a timer if you want to complete a certain task in an hour. When you see the clock ticking, you get a sense of pressure that drives you to work. It is one of the best hacks that every procrastinator swears by. It makes you work faster and keeps you going until you finish the task.

3. Keep Your Phone Away

Keep Your Phone Away

One of the bad things about a procrastinator is that you can easily distract them. If you are working and you get a notification on your phone, you will likely waste 30 minutes mindlessly scrolling through social media.

If you get distracted easily, it is essential to avoid all distractions. Grab a bottle of water and keep everything you need within your reach, so you don’t waste time. Keep your phone on ‘do not disturb mode or keep it away. Most people work very efficiently when they don’t have their phones within reach.

4. Have A Separate Work Space

Have A Separate Work Space

Most of us are working from home, which is quite convenient. However, it causes a lot of distraction, causing us to focus on the tasks at hand. It is time for a change if you work in an environment with many distractions.

Make sure to find the quietest corner in the house where barely anyone can intertwine with your work. On the other hand, tell your family members that you are working and need no distractions. You can also put your headphones on and turn on the noise cancellation mode; it helps you focus better.

5. Reward Yourself After Meeting Small Milestones

Reward Yourself After Meeting Small Milestones

A reward system is one of the best things to keep going and finish tasks. We all love a good reward after working tirelessly for the entire day. You can give yourself a small reward after meeting milestones for the day. You can watch your favorite show’s episode or eat ice cream after completing a task.

When you know what waits for you after completing tasks, you tend to finish them on time and without delays. Your rewards can be anything you like and look forward to. It also gives you a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction after a tiring day.

6. Practice Mindfulness

Practice Mindfulness

Most people don’t hold themselves accountable for their actions and the things they do throughout the day. It is best to practice mindfulness as you make decisions that benefit you. If you are mindful and conscious of the impact things have in your life, you become more productive.

Besides practicing mindfulness, it is essential to have wholesome foods to promote good energy. Best turmeric dishes and brain-nourishing foods can also help boost productivity. Reading books that provide good information about the brain and ways to use your mind is essential.

Final Verdict

Productivity is crucial to driving success and having a fulfilling life. However, procrastination can become one of the biggest issues in life that can hinder our growth. You can control procrastination by being more mindful and setting small milestones.

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