How To Navigate The Best Mexican Bakery Near Me?

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Mexican Bakery Near Me

Mexican cuisine is terrific. Dipped in rich flavors of Mayan and Yucatan cultures, you will definitely find a lot of cinnamon sprinkled on top of Mexican cakes and sweets. However, if you live in the USA and wish to find the best Mexican bakery near me in 2023, you must read this post now!

In this guide post, I will share directions on finding these stores with you and recommend which are my favorite Mexican baked dishes I recommend. In addition, I will also share with you my favorite Mexican bakeries, especially near San Francisco.

What Will I Get At a Mexican Bakery Near Me?

There are lots of unique Mexican dishes that you will get from the best Mexican bakery near me open now. Here are my personal favorites when it comes to baked dishes in Mexican cuisine:

1. Orejas

If you have a fetish for ears and a sweet tooth, you will love Orejas.

Orejas are ear-shaped pan dulce (or sweet bread) filled with ingredients that make the insides super sweet. Apart from the fact that it’s sweet, I love Orejas because they are crispy on the outside. The thicker and crispier bread crumbs on the outside make the anticipation for the sweeter insides better!

2. Quesitos

Americans always have a knack for cheesy food. Be it their external raving for cheeseburgers or french fries dipped in gallons of cheese – it’s a staple of the American diet.

Therefore, to satiate your desire for more cheese (exceptionally creamy cheese), even from Mexican bakeries, you can order Quesitos.

Quesitos are cheesy puff pastries that are common in Latin nations. When I took one bite, I was ecstatic to get extra cheesiness, tanginess, and sweetness in my mouth. Plus, you can dip it in sauces and jams for a more filling foodgasm!

3. Coyotas

Do you love cookies? I mean, who doesn’t? But, if you have an appetite for trying Mexcian cookies, it’s best to order Coyotes.

Piloncillo Sugar is the secret ingredient that makes this a super-popular Latin dish globally. Add a dash of Hispanic baking skills, and you will get a super sweet, chewy, and soft cookie that will always keep you coming back for more!

4. Mantecadas

When I think about muffins, I think about soft and fluffy cakes that melt in our mouths. They should not necessarily need teeth to chew. It should taste sweet, like Goldilocks (the young girl, not the hag).

If you can picture this in your taste buds and get drooling, you have successfully picturized a Mantecada. This Mexican muffin is sweet and primarily orange-flavored (even smelling like oranges) with a dash of citrus for perfection!

5. Bunuelos

If you want a delicious and sweet, then Bunuelos should be your priority.

Bunuelos are like funnel cakes that have been mixed with doughnuts. This is because they are basically fried round-shaped doughs. In addition, it’s easy to make them. You can just fry a tortilla until they become golden brown. Then, sprinkle some sugar and cinnamon and start chomping.

6. Churros

If you prefer dipping crunchy sweets in even sweeter dips, then a plate of churros will be your best bet.

You can refer to churros as fried sweets. Chewy sweets with a fried outer layer, topped off with sugar, cinnamon, Mexican vanilla, and caramel. However, remember to dip them in chocolate for the sweetest experience!

7. Tres Leches

Since I love sponge cakes, Tres Leches (pronounced as Tres Lehes) is a must-order at any Mexican bakery near me. If they make it, that is.

These soft, fluffy sponge cakes are made with extra-sweetened condensed milk and whipped cream. It tastes like vanilla, which can be made better with cinnamon sprinkles and strawberries!

8. Sopapillas

If you love doughnuts and mind one that is shaped differently, try out Sopapillas. Taco Johns – a famous Mexican food joint you must have heard of – serves this, and I love them too!

Similar to Bunuelos, these are like doughnuts. The only difference is that these are way sweeter and softer than a standard doughnut. They are also fried a bit more (especially on the outside) and are served with cinnamon sprinkles, powdered sugar, and honey. Mexicans sure do love cinnamons a lot!

9. Conchas

Conchas are by far the most popular Mexcian pastry that you will get. They are always colorful, with bright red, orange, and pink colors.

Like a brioche, Conchas are sweet bread shaped like balls with flavored streusel toppings. These might not be sweet like the other items on this list, but they are saccharinely delicious!

10. Cajetas Empanadas

If you love caramel, then Mexcian cuisine has got your back. Due to their love for caramel, they have cooked up one of the best dishes ever – Cajetas Empanadas.

You can consider this to be the Mexican equivalent of an American pie. They are also related to samosas due to how savory they are. Empanadas are flaky on the outside, with gooey caramel oozing from the inside. Take one bite of this, and you will be in a sweet, fluffy cloud nine!

How To Navigate To A Mexican Bakery Near Me?

If you wish to go and grab the best Mexican pastries and other sweet delicacies near you, then here’s what I recommend doing:

1. Search On Google

The best way to find a Mexcian bakery near me is to search for it on Google. You can either search for it on Google or search for it directly on Google Maps. The results will be the same. It will also be the same for cardboard recycling near me.

You will be shown Mexican bakeries in your city if you search for them on Google Maps. You can click on them to get links to their websites to check out their menu, timings, and customer reviews.

This is how you can also find grocery stores open near me and navigate to the closest grocery store near me!

However, you will get much more if you search for them on Google, not only will you get directions, customer reviews, and timings as stated above, you will get direct links to their websites and other third-party customer-review websites in addition!

2. Ask Your Friends (Preferably Mexicans!)

Do you want to visit the best Mexcian bakery in town? Then, if you have any Mexican friends, neighbors, or relatives, it’s best to ask them instead.

If they are Mexicans, they will definitely know about the best Mexican food joints and eateries around your area. Therefore, they are the most capable of providing you with good suggestions of nearby Mexican bakeries.

Best Mexican Bakery Near Me In The US

In my opinion (and the opinion of others through online reviews), these are the best Mexican bakery near me for delivery possible. Most of these stores are from San Francisco, which I visited last year.

1. Hacienda Colorado

Location: 4100 E Mexico Ave (Colorado Blvd and I-25), Denver, CO 80222-4100

Contact Number: +1 303-756-5700

Timings: 11 AM to 9 PM

If you ever step foot in Colorado, especially Denver, you must visit Hacienda Colorado for some authentic Mexican baked dishes.

This is the best place to go if you want some delicious Mexican breakfast and lunch. Besides traditional Mexican cuisine, they also serve unique Latin and Spanish dishes!

I loved their Mexican sweet bread as their highlight, and the bakery is open 24/7. Therefore, no matter at which time of the day or night you visit, you will always find sweetness inside waiting for you!

2. Las Hijas Del Gallo Bakery

Location: 615 Linden Ave, South San Francisco, CA 94080-2933

Contact Number: +1 650-589-4329

Timings: 6 AM to 8 PM

If you want the best Mexican Pan Dulce in the bay area of San Francisco, California, then Las Hijas Del Gallo Bakery is one of the best places to visit. The prices are reasonable and lie in affordable ranges.

This place is so sweet that when you enter inside, you will be immediately greeted by the sweet smell of cinnamon. I suggested trying dishes like their churros, empanadas, and conchas.

3. La Mejor Bakery

Location: 3329 24th St, San Francisco, CA 94110

Contact Number: +1 415-877-0232

Timings: 6 AM to 10 PM

Bakery La Mejor (pronounced as Le Mehor) is another fantastic Mexican bakery near me in California.

This place is famous for its custard pastries, which I could smell from a mile away. These pastries are cheap and will cost you only $2 to $3, depending on your chosen size and variant.

Customers have also recommended their cinnamon coffee, perfect if you are a coffee lover and prefer something cheaper than an overpriced Starbucks early in the morning.

4. Eterna Primavera Bakery

Location: 2951 24th St, San Francisco, CA 94110

Contact Number: +1 415-932-6295

Timings: 6 AM to 7 PM

Eterna Primavera Bakery is another Mexican bakery close to La Mejora Bakery. If you know Mexican, its name means “Eternal Spring” and is run by Mr. Manny – a mythical Mayan and Guatemalan shopkeeper.

One of the major attractions of this place is the super delicious Guatemalan bread used in all their bread-based dishes. This bread is said to be made with folkloric ingredients since the time of the ancient Mayans, known as the Pan de Guatemala.

I recommend trying dishes like the Pan Con Todo, a bread roll made with stuffed scrambled eggs, fresh cheese, and sour cream.

5. La Loma Bakery & Ice Cream Shop

Location: 6001 Mission St, Daly City, CA 94014

Contact Number: N/A

Timings: 7 AM to 8 PM

California is among the best states to try out sweet Mexican baked dishes. Therefore, the name La Loma Bakery & Ice Cream falls on this list.

La Loma is a relatively new shop, established last year (2022). They also have cheap ice creams like the Mangonada. This shop is renowned for its Latin American and Mexican desserts.

I have been ecstatic after trying out their Dulce De Leche sandwich cookies for $2.50 a piece. I also recommend their Churro cheesecake, which costs only $3.50!

6. La Victoria

Location: 3249 24th Street, San Francisco, CA 94110

Contact Number: N/A

Timings: 7 AM to 7 PM

Another famous Mexican bakery on 24th Street in San Francisco, California, La Victoria, has one of the best Mexican desserts and baked goodies selections.

I loved all the Mexcian delights on their menu, and I recommend trying their Bread and Cafe De la Olla combo. Another recommended dish from this place is the Bolilo.

If you live near this area, you might know the dark story behind their closure a few years ago. However, they are now back, stronger than ever!

7. La Reyna Bakery & Coffee Shop

Location: 3114 24th St, San Francisco, CA 94110-4012

Contact Number: +1 415-647-6502

Timings: 10 AM to 7 PM

If you want Conchas and Pan Dulce in 24th St, San Francisco (apart from the aforementioned ones), then La Reyna Bakery and Coffee Shop is a must-try!

You will find various Mexican delicacies like the Concha Pan Dulce and the Esponja. It’s a great place to have coffee with sweetened Mexican bread. You will also get the toasted coconut and chocolate cookie for $1.30 a piece, which is fantastic!

8. Universal Panadaria Bakery

Location: 3458 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94110-5437

Contact Number: +1 415-821-4971

Timings: 6 AM to 7:30 PM

Universal Panadaria Bakery is another gem of a Mexican bakery near me in San Francisco. They have various unique Mexican-baked dishes like the Bolilo rolls, baked for hours to make them super soft and fluffy!

Another specialty of this place is its Pineapple empanadas, filled to the brim with sweet pineapple fillings and a flaky crust to contain it all!


Finding a Mexican bakery near me in San Francisco was a boon when I first visited California. As a lover of everything culinary, I needed some Mexican food to scratch it off the bucket list of trying various cuisines worldwide. Therefore, to spread the joy of tasting Mexican desserts and sweet baked dishes, I created this guide for you. Therefore, I hope you found my information to be informative, and I hope you try out the recommended places!

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