“Cardboard Recycling Near Me”- Best Way To Find A Recycling Center Near You

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Cardboard Recycling

“Where to get cardboard recycling near me?” – This is the question we come across quite often on the internet and in various question-answer forums. If you are on the search for your nearest cardboard recycling center, you will need to read through to the end of the article.

In the United States, there is a production of more than 80 billion cardboard boxes every year. It is mostly used in the packaging of items. However, there are other different uses as well. If too many cardboard boxes are piling up in your home, recycling them would be the best option for you. If you want to know about “cardboard recycling drop off near me” or “free cardboard recycling drop off near me,” you will find the answers in the next few sections.

Importance Of Cardboard Recycling

One of the most beneficial things about cardboard boxes is that they are very recyclable in nature. According to Green Citizen Inc., a major recycling center in the United States, Recycling cardboard takes 75% of the energy needed to make new products. In other words, recycling 1 ton of cardboard saves the energy equivalent of 46 gallons of oil.”

In general, there are two types of cardboard available locally, paperboard and corrugated cardboard. We used the former as boxes for food, cereals, and shoeboxes, while we use the latter in packaging and as delivery boxes. However, there are many cardboard boxes that you should not try to recycle, as paper mills and recycling centers will not accept them. These include the ones that bring food, as they contain oil stains.

Major Benefits Of Cardboard Recycling

Green earth

Before you find out about “cardboard recycling bins near me,” it is essential for you to understand the benefits of recycling cardboard. According to Green Citizen, You should recycle cardboard because it’s good for the environment and local sustainability. Recycling helps save natural resources and energy needed to make virgin cardboard. It also removes cardboard from the waste system and creates new jobs. Also, brown packing boxes have an exceptionally high recycling rate of 92.9%.”

The following are the major advantages that you will benefit from if you recycle cardboard:

1. You will be able to reduce the amount of waste that you send to the landfills if you recycle cardboard from your home.

2. If the amount of waste that goes to the landfill gets reduced, there will be less emission of greenhouse gases into the environment. If you send your cardboard waste to landfills, they will burn it, and it will release large amounts of methane, which is a greenhouse gas.

3. Since we need high levels of energy to process cardboard, when you are recycling them, you are saving a lot of energy.

4. By recycling cardboard, you are saving a lot of trees and help in reducing deforestation. This, in turn, will ensure the conservation of natural areas.

5. Since recycling is a labor-intensive process, by sending your cardboard to recycling centers, you are creating job opportunities for many people.

6. We can recycle Cardboard into many new items. You can use this recycled cardboard for different purposes.

What Is The Process Of Recycling Cardboard?

Depending on the recycling company, the process of cardboard recycling can be different. However, there are some similarities, which we shall focus on in this article:


Here, cardboard collectors collect the materials from various sources and take them to the recycling center for the recycling process.

Cardboard Sorting

Here, in the recycling center, there are workers that sort the cardboard as per their types. This is because all the cardboards are not of the same type. Different types of cardboard make up of different types of material, and they are also of different types of thicknesses. Furthermore, there are only certain types of cardboard material that you can recycle into certain types of products.


After the workers sort the cardboard, they shred them into small pieces so that it is easier to recycle.


This process includes mixing the shredded cardboard materials with water to soak them and make them softer.


After the soaking and pulping process, if there any foreign material attach to the cardboard, then they remove or filter.

Mixing with water and chemicals

The cardboard pieces are again mixed with water to reach a level of better consistency so as to transform the cardboard into something new. Furthermore, chemicals are also added to the cardboard.

Pressed, rolled, and dried

Since the cardboard material contains a lot of water soaked into it, recyclers roll them and press them to squeeze out the excess water from it.

New Cardboard

After the drying process, as the recycling is done, the materials are then cut into a new size to make cardboard ready for usage.

Apart from that, one of the biggest benefits of recycling cardboard is that you will be able to make money through it. According to Green Citizen, Recycling centers and paper mills will buy cardboard in bulk, often asking it to be separated from other paper materials. If you work at a place that uses a lot of cardboard boxes, such as a big box store or a restaurant, you can partner up with a local recycler.”

“Cardboard Recycling Near Me” – How To Find A Recycling Place?

google maps

If you are looking to find a “free cardboard recycling pickup near me,” the best option for you will be to search for cardboard recycling centers on the internet. Apart from that, you can also ask your local community centers about recycling places near you. In some cases, you will get various advertisements for recycling centers in newspapers as well.

Summing Up

Cardboard recycling is extremely important for the environment. Apart from that, you will also be able to earn a few bucks by selling cardboard to your nearest recycling centers. In addition, by recycling, you can save a lot of trees. Hope we have amply answered your question, “Where to get cardboard recycling near me?” The best thing you can do in this case is a search on Google Maps about recycling centers.

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