Why Mental Health Matters In Estate Planning

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Estate Planning

Considering the importance of Estate Planning, You must be thinking, what is mental health doing with something as business as making a will for your estate planning? Plan beneficiaries and family members who would inherit.

However, when 1 out of 5 people deals with some kind of mental health issue, it is not something too far-fetched. Plus, when you are trying to build a wall or create a trust to secure the future of your loved ones after you’re gone.

So, with the increase of mental health awareness, let us understand the different ways mental health affects matters of estate planning and how to plan your estate better.

Mental Health Matters!

Yes, your mental health matters, and if you are planning to divide your estate among your beloved family members, here is the reason why you should care about your mental health before planning your estate.

Mental Health in real estate

You can take help from an estate planning attorney if your own judgment is not enough.

1. Prevent Hasty Decisions

Hasty decisions are poison to your will. People suffering from anxiety induced by any kind of phobia of death tend to make too many wills. They are always scared and tend to make more than one will.

If you are someone dealing with the anxiety of leaving your family behind and making wills to secure their future, then stop, take a deep breath, and simply call for an attorney. They will be able to give you a chalked-out plan of how to divide the inheritance properly and with legal consideration.

2. Prevent Emotions from taking Over

Emotions can be a dangerous factor playing into your estate planning when you wish to make someone feel bad or punish them. However, you must always remember when you are finally gone; this will and testament can’t be changed.

This is why we should never make permanent decisions out of temporary feelings and, most importantly, place those decisions on a will. Plus, whenever you are making a will, you must ensure that no form of past aggression is clouding your judgment towards a fair will.

When there are family members you wish to protect after you are gone, you need to keep sane mental health

3. Be Sound Mind

Before you make a will, go to a therapist and get your mental health tested. Any form of mental health issue can cause problems with your will when it finally comes to prove its authenticity.

If there is any lawsuit after your departure, your family members might lose on the basis of you not having a sound mind. Therefore, if any such mental health issues or disorders come up in your report, have a therapist sign a medical report when you make the will.

This will ensure that the will was made with a sound mound under the supervision of a medical professional. In this way, when the probate lawyer is trying to prove the will, and handing over the inheritance, there is no question on the

4. Choose The Right Guardian

You have kids who need to be taken care of. Yes, we understand no one times their death, but in case of an unexpected situation, you wouldn’t want the adults to make decisions for your kid.

Especially if it is the wrong one, and it devoids your children of the rightful inheritance. This is why you need to choose your guardian, the one who would protect the inheritance from prying eyes and from the minor.


When they are of age, the guardian can hand over the inheritance to the adult now. So, why is mental health playing a role now? It is because you need to have strong resilience and pick the right individual. You cannot let a weak mind and emotions from the other end manipulate you into anything.

It is best to make this decision in front of a lawyer.

Protection Of Beneficiaries


When there are family members you wish to protect after you are gone, you need to keep sane mental health which is free from any trepidation and anxiety. This is why taking professional help is always the ideal choice.

So, if you are finally planning to divide your estate, or make trust funds, consult legal help immediately. Ensure that your beneficiaries are getting what they deserve even after they are gone.


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