5 Things for Law Firm SEO You Can Do to Start Getting Traffic and Results

5 Things for Law Firm SEO You Can Do to Start Getting Traffic and Results

Fully understanding the digital world of law firm SEO marketing can be challenging. Many law firms in the U.S. now understand the importance of having a website. However, not all law firms have mastered the art of search engine optimization for their firms to build website visibility.

To do so, your firm needs to fully assess the current standing of your website’s online presence. Your firm also needs to create an efficient content strategy, and learn to communicate with the online audience. Keep reading to discover 5 things that your law firm can do to get website traffic and results.

1.  Do An Seo Audit

Before you start implementing changes to boost traffic, study what you have first. An SEO audit is a series of processes set up to assess the SEO standing of a website. This audit studies the quality and quantity of traffic on your website. Doing an SEO audit can help you uncover content or SEO strategies that are impeding your visibility and website performance.

Any online marketing for a criminal defense law firm needs to begin with an assessment of what is already present. Even if you are starting from scratch, that requires an assessment as well to figure out whether technical SEO requirements have been catered to when your website was being designed and developed. Legal firms and attorneys have different requirements as far as online marketing is concerned.

After you conduct an SEO audit with the legal SEO company of your choice, implement all the necessary fixes. Common errors found in SEO audits for law firm websites include:

  • Unnecessary redirects and damaged links.
  • Poor website performance and speed.
  • Website unsuitability for mobile devices.
  • Unresponsive web pages.
  • Using images that are not compressed.
  • Using inconsistent NAP profiles throughout the web.

To avoid these foundational problems, ensure that your law firm hires a good web designer and the best SEO service for attorneys. Note that these two are not the same, but are both very important for your website’s performance.

Another way to have a wider reach is to start a YouTube channel. Through this platform, layers can create and share valuable and helpful information via comprehensive videos. However, the true conversion lies in how your YouTube audience is able to connect with your firm outside the video-sharing platform. YouTube reportedly has 122 million active users daily and you can gain a large audience with useful content.

To help your audience reach you beyond YouTube, strategically link your YouTube to your website. You can do this by sharing helpful content in your videos and then promising even more valuable information on your website. Include links to relevant pages on your website in your video description, including blog posts and even an FAQ page.

3.  Basic Content Marketing For Lawyers

Mastering content marketing for lawyers and blogging for lawyers can prove daunting without a proper strategy. A good content strategy will help your firm create sustainable content that keeps website visitors engaged and interested in your work. Blogs are one of the most adopted content-building channels to improve website traffic.

Many law firms have started to take blogging for lawyers as an important component of their plan of action to get clients. According to Forbes, many firms have discovered that their long-form posts (over 2,000-word blog posts) are more successful in increasing traffic.

Your posts have better chances of driving traffic when you identify and use the correct keywords for lawyers. You can also increase traffic by optimizing meta descriptions, headings, and images to make your blog stand out. Avoid keyword stuffing blog posts and web pages. Make sure that your content is always fresh, engaging, and valuable.

4.  Answer Your Reviews

It is not enough to just have a great web presence. Always stay one step ahead by responding to online reviews about your law firm. When potential clients are searching for lawyers online, many of them rely on online reviews. Encourage clients that you have worked with to leave reviews about your services. Respond to both negative and positive reviews in a timely manner.

Google considers reviews as an important metric for gauging online services. Make sure to respond to reviews left on Google and other sites like Yelp, and Avvo. This way, searchers know that you are a hands-on law firm that prioritizes communication.

5.  Email Strategy

Another excellent channel to drive traffic is email marketing. Invest in efficient and reliable email management systems and CRMs for autoresponder campaigns. There are email campaigns best suited for the legal industry. The first campaign is the new lead follow-up.

Whenever you have new clients or prospects, encourage them to take a step further with your services. Send professional emails showing them the next step, how they can hire a lawyer, or a glimpse of what it is like to work with you.

As earlier stated, new prospects look to reviews to help shape their impression of your firm. Another email campaign is to encourage past clients to leave honest reviews about the services you offered. Your third email campaign is using a lead magnet.

This means you attract potential leads with premium content that is sure to grab their attention. This could be a comprehensive ebook like “6 steps to hiring the best Estate Planning Lawyer,” “7 Questions You Should Ask Your Divorce Attorney.”


Becoming a web-savvy and optimized attorney takes dedication and effort. You can improve your law firm’s online visibility using the right SEO and content strategies. Find out what problems are holding your website back, address them, create valuable content, and stay in touch with your audience. Your traffic is sure to increase with time.

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