Guide for Hiring a Rust Developer

published on: 01 April 2022 last updated on: 05 April 2022
Rust Developer

There’s been a great need for a guide to hiring Rust developers because Rust is an emerging and promising programming language.

Hiring Rust developers can be quite hard. Since there are not many of them, they are very experienced, and they mostly work remotely.

We will guide you on how to hire Rust programmers so you can hire the right person for your company.

In 2016, Rust ranked the most-loved programming language on Stack Overflow. In 2020, it was also named the fifth most-wanted language by developers.

The popularity of Rust may be due to its innovative design and its growing community of developers.

Mozilla employee Graydon Hoare created Rust in 2006. The programming language has since enjoyed massive popularity.

Mozilla, of course, is compatible with Rust, either as an external or internal experiment, as well as many other large companies, including Atlassian, Coursera, Dropbox, Microsoft, Mozilla, Postmates, Xero, and many more.

Rust is a universal language that has numerous applications, but it can be difficult for a novice programmer to bring a full project to completion.

By learning about the different aspects of Rust, you will discover an effective way to locate and connect with a Rust programmer.

What is Rust?

Rust is an event-based, performance-oriented programming language designed for privacy and security, used especially to manage concurrency safely.

Rust syntax resembles C++, but the borrow checker validates memory safety to ensure that the program will work correctly.

Rust offers memory management without using garbage collection and optional reference counting.

Rust has been called a systems programming language, and it has high-level features such as functional programming and even greater low-level memory management features.

Rust has a wide range of applications, including virtual reality (VR), operating systems, etc. With its immense popularity, it has a thriving community that offers many resources for resolving technical issues and provides advice and materials to developers.

Several frameworks, libraries, and tools can be implemented to assist advancement in the Rust programming language.

Rust Developer

Rust Developer

A Rust developer is a programmer who has experience working with the Rust programming language, either as a hobbyist or as an employee.

A rust programmer’s responsibilities may vary based on the development projects they are working on.

Their primary purpose is to ensure the security, reliability, and functionality of the software or systems they create. They also test and debug them as part of the development process.

Rust developers discuss various stakeholders’ software requirements, code, and required functionalities with themselves and items such as security measures and storage mediums in programs.

Difficulties of Getting a Competent Rust Developer

GitHub called Rust the second-fastest-growing language on the site in 2019, having risen 235% in popularity over the previous 12 months. And, of course, it establishes itself as the most liked language by developers, as rated by experts at Stack Exchange.

It may be somewhat simple to acquire a Rust programmer, given its popularity. Unfortunately, it is not that easy.

While Rust is popular among developers, few have previous experience with it. Rust’s learning curve is steep, so it’s a challenging programming language to master.

Indeed, some developers describe it as the language with the most difficult learning curve.

It’s not impossible to hire Rust programmers. It’s just that it appears a little bit hard. Given that any developer on the Rust platform enjoys the language, several have dabbled with it, and even more, are eager to learn it. And there are also Rust developers who are friendly and professional.

What to Look for When Hiring a Rust Developer

What to Look for When Hiring a Rust Developer

When hiring a knowledgeable programmer in Rust, it’s advisable to limit your search to applicants who favor repeated learning — you want someone with experience in this language.

That’s the most important characteristic you’re looking for. It would be best if you also looked for proficient developers who can work in other languages, such as Java, C++, Python, and others.

One that’s highly skilled in this complex language will be a great developer. Soft skills, such as problem-solving, communication, and collaboration, are also beneficial.

The following are some of the attributes to look for when hiring a Rust programmer:

1. Experience In Systems Programming Developing Large Systems

Experience with systems programming, particularly working with memory and error management issues, will help improve the programmer’s ability to understand the problems in Rust.

Rust’s flexibility enables experienced programmers to work in systems programming, which will help bolster Rust’s presence in programming.

2. Understanding of Memory Allocation in Low-Level Programming

A reasonable goal of Rust programming is to have higher abstractions of low-level memory management.

It is important that a programmer fully understands the low-level interaction with memory allocation in C and other high-level languages and then understand how this affects Rust.

3. Knowledge of The Rust Programming Language and a Complimentary Package Manager Cargo

Coding in Rust must understand the Rust programming language and Cargo, a fast and reliable package manager.

Cargo is a powerful scripting program that allows for easy installation of new Rust libraries. Experience with Cargo will make it easier for programmers to optimize their programs for the best performance.

4. Remarkable Skill in Establishing and Implementing Concurrent Systems

Rust proposes higher-level abstractions to manage memory and work with concurrency, which removes a lot of the basic low-level coding aspects. A programmer needs to grasp how this new type of programming works.

It is also important that they understand Rust’s generational garbage collector, which can be intermingled when the programmer understands this new type of programming.


In conclusion, hiring a Rust developer can be a great solution for your business. Finding the ideal developer to meet your requirements might be as simple as following the advice in this article.

Remember to keep communication open and be patient during the hiring process. With the right Rust developer on your team, your business will be able to reach new heights.

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