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Hundreds of searches in every US metro area are made by persons seeking criminal defense lawyers. However, a digital marketing campaign for a criminal defense agency can only convert this figure into leads.

More than ever, criminal defense businesses rely on digital marketing strategies to grow their clientele. The main component of this approach is developing an online presence so that people can find you online and get in touch with you.

In this article, we shall discuss all the different ways you can acquire more clients as a criminal defense attorney.

Escalating Criminal Defense Clientele

To get customers, you need a strong marketing plan. You want your name to spread to potential customers by word of mouth and be at the top of online search results pages.

Before contacting you, prospective clients need to see you in person and feel comfortable doing so.

Here are some Criminal defense attorney marketing tactics that can help you stand out and convert more potential clients into actual ones—

1. Build A Website

Build A Website

Your website serves as your calling card, not your social media account. Without one, you risk losing business, being unprofessional, and losing relevance to the next wave of legal clients.

We advise every firm to have a website—at the absolute least, a simple one. Your business may employ various marketing techniques to provide a fantastic customer experience. Having a website makes it simple for potential customers to learn more about you and ultimately decide to hire you.

WordPress, which provides a free option if you want to do it yourself, is the platform we use to develop all of our client’s websites.

Additionally, several alternative straightforward and affordable website builders can offer a simple choice for your legal firm’s marketing initiatives.

2. SEO Optimize Your Digital Presence

One of the best strategies to draw in new customers for criminal defense law firms continues to be on the first page of Google for your core search queries.

Making your website more discoverable by potential customers is the aim of SEO. The onus is then on you and your content to convince visitors and turn them into customers.

To rank higher, legal businesses must overcome a number of unique obstacles, one of which is the fierce competition for keywords that pertain to the law.

For a top-notch SEO that can positively impact your digital presence as a criminal defense attorney, you must include the following—

  • Local SEO to draw in more local leads (important for the majority of law firms).
  • Technical SEO to inform Google of what it needs to know.
  • Backlinks and off-page to establish authority and trust.

Expertise in all four of these areas of SEO is required to achieve comparable results.

3. Use The Analytic Tools

How do you spread the word about your business to everyone who could need your services? Launching a website is a significant step on the right path, even if it’s only the first stage.

You must utilize all the resources a lawyer website needs for analytics as a criminal defense lawyer. These tools track several statistics about your website that may help you understand how people navigate it, engage with it, and more.

Once you have that information, you will be well on creating the greatest possible website.

Google Analytics is one of the most well-liked and useful analytic tools for any form of website. It gives you vital statistics on how long visitors stay on your website, which pages they visit the most frequently, their demographics, and more.

Moreover, Semrush also has competitive analysis tools that allow you to see the keywords your rivals are using to drive traffic to their websites.

4. Maintain Active Blogs

Maintain Active Blogs

Blogging for attorneys can help them attract new clients and keep their current ones happy. Before a client consults an attorney, legal blogs inform readers and address their essential questions.

Additionally, blogging may increase the SEO of your website, generate prospects, and keep your present clients interested in your legal brand.

Here are some important steps that can help optimize your blog content—

  • Determine the most frequent inquiries made by your ideal clients during the first step of the purchasing process.
  • Assess the SEO worth of the content concepts you develop as a result of your keyword research.
  • Use a tool like Ahrefs to plug in your content ideas and observe how they rank on search engine results pages.

5. Gather Testimonials And Reviews

Any website that accepts reviews, from Google to Facebook, may (and should) be used to gather them. Reviews are the latest word-of-mouth promotion since they let potential clients know how your legal services have benefited past clients.

More than three-fourths of shoppers believe internet reviews just as much as personal recommendations from friends and family. In addition, there are several personal injury attorneys in your neighborhood.

You will stand out to clients and search engines if you have favorable evaluations. For example, Facebook has the second-highest impact on customers looking for local goods or services, right behind Google.

According to studies, Facebook is one of the least dependable review sources for customers looking for information about a company.

6. Explore Social Media

80% of legal firms are on social media in some capacity. Utilize social media to develop your brand, position yourself as a thought leader, and eventually bring in leads and new customers.

Your content may subtly and effectively convey the ideals of your brand. According to around one-third of attorneys (31%), clients who found them on social media retained their legal services.

The most used social networking site for attorneys is LinkedIn. Several of them are active on the LinkedIn network, while criminal defense businesses may have a little lower percentage.

Also, Facebook is used by a sizable portion of your target market. Therefore, skipping over it might be expensive.

7. Do Not Miss Out On The Old Ways

criminal defense lawyer

As a criminal defense lawyer, you must keep networking and growing your referral base to remain effective.

For this, you must remember the old ways of connecting with people and making their issues relevant enough for a criminal case.

A lawyer can meet new people in various ways, such as volunteering in the community or working as an adjunct lecturer.

Try building relationships with modern lawyers, who are less likely to have reliable reference sources already. The likelihood of their remembering and returning the favor increases.

Additionally, you must involve yourself in several activities to stronger your connections. For example, participating in community service projects and attending CLE (continuing legal education) meetings can help you in many ways.

Strengthen Your Strategies For A Long Term

To maintain your reputation in the minds of content clients who have recently left a review for you, you need a long-term approach.

According to 85% of small businesses, word-of-mouth recommendations are the main method potential customers learn about them.

You won’t have to worry about how to acquire internet reviews for your company when people know your name.

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