Early Signs That You Are Working With a Bad Digital Marketing Agency

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Bad Digital Marketing Agency

Did the promises your marketer made come true or were you left disappointed by poor results? Today, numerous digital marketing agencies will make lofty promises but fail to deliver. Every business needs to put effort into digital marketing, but it can harm your brand when done wrong.

A good Singapore digital marketing agency must demonstrate knowledge of digital marketing strategies and a track record of successful campaigns. They should be ready to show testimonials to back up their claims. However, it is easy to point out a bad digital marketing agency by reading several early signs:

1. No References or Testimonials

One of the most important things that a good digital marketing agency will have is previous clients. Make sure to speak to at least two of their past clients who are willing to speak on their behalf. This can mean calling these clients or visiting their website and searching for reviews online.

If you cannot locate any information about the services they have performed for other clients, this is a red flag that you are working with a bad agency. Good agencies will always produce at least three testimonials from past clients.

What are the reviews of the digital marketing agency like? If you can find good reviews from their past and present clients, that is a good indicator of working with a reliable company. On the other hand, if there are bad reviews from their past clients, this is a huge red flag. Good agencies must be transparent about the quality of their work and have explanations for negative feedback.

2. Little Knowledge of Digital Marketing

A bad agency will have little to no knowledge of the digital marketing industry. They will not show an understanding of relevant digital marketing techniques and tools. How do they plan to raise your Google rankings? How will they amplify your social media rankings?

What content will they generate to increase your audience? These are some of the questions a competent digital marketer will readily answer. If they can’t give good answers to these basic questions, move on to a more competent agency.

3. Providing Outdated Samples of Previous Work

While it is important to show samples of previous work, the sample should represent the agency’s current skill level. If they cannot provide recent samples, it may signify that the agency cannot meet deadlines or produce work of the expected quality.

The sample should be as close to the work you are hiring for as possible. For example, if you want a copywriter, they should show samples of good copywriting; if you want a graphic designer, you should see samples of designs.

4. No Website and Social Media Presence

A  digital marketing agency should lead by example. They must have a professional, well-designed website with a high Google ranking.  They should also have good content on their website to show they are authorities in the field.  They should also have an active social media presence that shows their work on social media and further demonstrates their expertise.

5. Proposal is Not Tailored For Your Business

A good proposal is well-tailored for your business. If you pay for a standard website, you should get a standard website. If you pay for a content marketing campaign, you should get one that follows suit. The agency must customize its proposal to suit the needs of your business.

6. No Transparency

A digital marketing agency that is not clear about its fees, lead times, and deadlines puts off any potential clientele they may have. Establishing trust with your marketing agency is mandatory. If they don’t have a clear way of pricing, it is highly likely that they will not meet any deadlines or other requirements.

7. No Proposal

A digital marketing agency should provide a proposal for every client. They should detail what will be delivered, how long it will take to deliver, and the project’s cost. If they do not provide a proposal, they do not have a good idea of doing the job.

8. Their Marketing Materials Lack Clarity

A lead generation site should be very clear to potential clients on their services. If you cannot read and understand it, it is a sign that the agency you are working with isn’t sure about their field or understands the business. You should expect good content as part of your digital marketing service provider, but it should be easy for anyone to understand through simple language and an attractive design.

The right digital marketing agency can amplify your brand in a big way. First, however, you must know how to pick the right agency to work with.  You shouldn’t ignore these red flags because they can turn out correct and harm your brand. So always watch out and be keen to notice red flags to avoid placing your brand in an awkward position. 

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