Business Cards, Photobooks, and Flyers: How to Utilise Physical Media to Get Visitors to Your Social Media Pages

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Business Cards

The old saying ‘don’t judge a book by its cover doesn’t apply when it comes to marketing. Visual images are incredibly important if you’re aiming to entice customers, especially when you want to encourage them to visit your social media platforms. So how to create the business cards which are going to attack the maximum numbers of leads over your business.

When properly used, physical media like business cards, photo books, and flyers are very effective in helping you to build a social media presence and increase your number of followers. So, how exactly can you utilize these offline marketing formats to boost your social media visits?

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Best Uses of The Business Cards

Not only can you pass business cards to potential clients while networking, but you can also leave them for people to pick up in medical waiting rooms, hotel lobbies, cafes, shops, and any other places you can think of.

Think of what you aim to achieve with your card – in this case. It’s attracting visitors to your social media, so make sure that it is central to what your card displays. 

Aside from your social media URL, try to keep the details minimal; however, your card should clearly state your brand name and display its logo. Your brand logo should also be obvious on your social media page so that visitors can find it easier if they search for it.

Make sure your business card is eye-catching and contains just the right amount of information to direct visitors to your social media profiles.

Keep Your Business Photobook Ready And Create Brand Recognizations

Photobooks are a very effective way of marketing your brand and encouraging visitors to your social media profiles. Instagram photobooks are particularly effective and eye-catching due to the social media platform’s visual nature. You can create an Instagram photo book at My Social Book, which gathers your Instagram feed into a stylish book format. 

This not only looks professional, but it will help to advertise your Instagram page and leave viewers wanting more and therefore keen to explore your online profiles. Photobooks can be left for people to flick through within your own business premises – for instance, in the reception or waiting area, at the store counter, or in the shop changing rooms. 

If you have the resources, you could look at placing business cards and photobooks within other premises aside from your own, such as hotel foyers, dentist or doctor waiting rooms, libraries, leisure center reception areas, and more.

To Give A Fast Business Idea Use Your Business Flyers

To Give A Fast Business Idea Use Your Business Flyers

Flyers that promote your social media pages should be visually striking and contain all the relevant information. Flyers can be left in the same kind of places as business cards and photobooks and can also be easily posted through doors or displayed in shop windows.  

In contrast to business cards, you have more space to work with and more scope for creativity with flyers. For instance, in addition to providing the basic details, look at inserting extra information, such as customer testimonials. Written testimonials by clients will help to strengthen your brand’s credibility and encourage visitors to your social media pages. 

Consider providing information on your flyer that will entice visitors to your social media – for instance, details of a competition that can only be entered by visiting your brand’s social media page. You can also use flyers to mention any causes or charities your brand supports, which will help to build up trust with your potential clients and therefore encourage them to pay a visit to your online platform.


The business cards, photo books, and flyers are all effective offline marketing tools in attracting visitors to your social media pages. Used correctly, these strategies will help to boost your social media presence.   When you want to flourish your business digitally, all of these types of uses are going to help you. Develop colorful business cards, and improve your business advertisements and branding.

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