6 Powerful Suggestions to Level Up Your Instagram Presence

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Instagram Presence

If you feel that your social media marketing strategy is not strong enough and are looking for ways to manage various channels for compelling customers, you are in the right place.

After reading this article, you will be able to reach out to your audience powerfully with more precise content, preferably on Instagram.

The article also includes several tips that help you merge various marketing channels such as Instagram and YouTube for better results.

You will learn to create better images that will engage more customers and increase your reach substantially.

So let’s get started.

1. Post-YouTube Videos on Instagram

If you are active on YouTube and want to post some of your videos to Instagram, you can do it right away. Due to the rising demand for video blogs, people tend to share their content on multiple platforms.

Before you post a youtube video on Instagram, you will have to download it to prepare it to meet Instagram’s standards.

Make sure that your YouTube videos are the professional standard and can attract and engage the viewers on Instagram. You can use the Enhancement features in YouTube to polish your video.

Here’s how you can add effects to your YouTube videos using the built-in Enhancements tool.

Add effects to your YouTube videos directly by tapping Video Manager. Click the Edit button, tap Enhancements, add the effects to enhance your video, and click Save.

If you don’t want to tweak the original video, click Save As, and the edited video will be stored at the desired location on the computer.

Using the Auto-fix feature in Enhancements, you can adjust the light and color of the video. Use Stabilize to correct any shaky moments of the camera. Slow Motion allows running the video at a relatively slow speed.

Trim will crop the intro or outro of the video. Filters and Face blurring options will make the video more appealing.

2. Remove Any Unpleasant Comments

Instagram Presence

You cannot create content that appeals to everyone, so some people will support and condemn your views.

So, when you post your ideas and suggestions, the possibilities are that you receive a lot of comments that display mixed reactions from your followers and others.

While you should take every single comment positively, you can delete some unfavorable comments too.

To delete any comment on Instagram, click the speech bubble available under the comment, swipe it towards the left, followed by clicking the trash can icon.

3. Put Multiple Images in One Instagram Post

Instagram expanded its image uploading capabilities recently to allow users to include a maximum of 10 pictures in one post.

Press the + icon and then click the Select Multiple buttons available on the right side that appear like two overlapping squares.

Select the pictures that you wish to upload to Instagram. Once selected, click on Next to choose the filters. After you apply the filters, tap on the Next button once again to add captions before you submit the post.

More content and more variety are usually good for marketing efforts.

4. Manage Image Filters

Although there are tons of filters you can apply to your Instagram post before posting it, not each of them is your favorite.

But you can manage your preferred filters so that you can edit your posts efficiently without wasting time finding the effects you like the most.

There are third-party apps that enable you to understand which image filter received the most engagement. You can use these filters accordingly for a better response. To manage your filters, create a new post and navigate to the filter page.

Swipe through the filters and click on the Manage button available towards the end. It will redirect you to the page from where you can easily select your favorite image filters.

Press the three gray lines available next to the filters and rearrange them by dragging them up or down.

5. Put a Border on an Instagram Image

Instagram Presence

Do you know that tapping a filter twice will bring up another interesting feature that makes your post even more appealing?

Notice the box-like icon available towards the right-side of the intensity slider.

Using this feature, you can add borders to your Instagram post. Use them to give a retro, contemporary, or vintage look to your posts.

They are meant to enhance your pictures and make them stand out.

6. Add a Line Break to Your Posts

If you feel that your captions or bio feel too crowded and want to insert line breaks between texts, it’s simple.

When you are typing the text, press the 123 key on the keyboard, and it will allow you to switch the format.

Press the Return key, which is displayed in the lower-left section, to move the text to the next line. This is a small yet powerful feature that is often overlooked, and not many users know about it.

It makes your text and captions appear clean and neat and makes them more readable.

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