Business Ideas For Kerala

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published on: 05 January 2022 last updated on: 07 January 2022
Business Ideas For Kerala

In a state where the people are known to be friendly and welcoming, Kerala has been at the forefront of many surveys studying the best places for small businesses in India. The investors are happy with the speedy returns, and the entrepreneurs have achieved financial freedom due to their commitment and hard work. 

4 Different Business Ideas For Kerala

The financial arena of this state is wide open for anyone wanting to invest, starting from multi-national conglomerates to small-timers. This makes it even more important for you not to miss out on the business ideas in Kerala that might be hugely profitable:

1. Bakery Business:

Kerala is famous for its bakeries. In this day and age, where everybody wants to be unique, you can use that to your advantage. For instance, people these days are willing to experiment with unconventional flavors. That’s a great opportunity for you. 

Moreover, if you specialize in a certain type of bakery product – like cupcakes or cookies – you might find yourself particularly popular with those who want something different and don’t mind paying for something special and good. 

Just keep in mind that a successful bakery business also requires that you’re always coming up with new ideas and recipes, as well as finding ways to promote them. And if you want to just focus on the cooking side of things, you’d be well served by having a partner who can manage the money side of things while you handle the creative side.

2. Ayurveda Tourism

The good idea is to start with a small-scale retreat which will serve as your pilot project. The Ayurvedic retreat business can be profitable as you can charge premium rates for the services. 

It can become an even more viable business if you maintain high standards for providing food and accommodation. Again, working with a partner or hiring staff will help with keeping up with service quality and demand. 

Treatments could include herbal massages, traditional ayurvedic oil massage using herbal oils, steam baths, medicated baths, herbal wraps, aromatherapy, Shirodhara (a specialized form of head massage), and other treatments that can be made to order.

3. Growing and Exporting Crops

The variety of crops that Kerala produces can be exported to other parts of the country and the world. 

This will help the farmer and the people living in this area, as their crops will be sold to more people. 

While these crops are being grown, you can rent out space and make money off of it. This is a great plan because while you make money off of your crops, you are also helping the people who work around you or live near you.

4. Agarbatti

It is a product commonly used in Indian households all over the country to offer prayers to deities and to create an environment conducive to meditation. Therefore, this is an accessible business to start and can be started by anyone. 

The only thing you need to generate revenue is bamboo sticks and charcoal powder available in Kerala. Also, because the raw materials are cheap, you can easily set up your business at a low cost with low investments and start selling products in your business wholesale or retail. 

Additionally, it is used all over the country for religious purposes and for its aroma. Click here to learn more about the wholesale business. The demand for this product is high all over the year, so you do not need to worry about sales during certain seasons or months. 

As of now, the type of agarbatti (incense sticks) that is most common in Indian households is not made locally; since it is imported from China. This means that you have a clear opportunity to take advantage of the local market.


Kerala is a land of versatility. So when you are developing any kind of new business in Kerala, you always have to keep these things in your mind. And start to materialize your business planning. So which firm is going to start in Kerala? Do not forget to share your business experiences in the comment sections.

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