Can You Make a Sustainable Income Selling Art Online?

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Selling Art Online

Countless creatives strive to produce bewitching works of art for no other reason besides the sake of creativity itself.

In many ways, art transcends the bonds of the material world, giving way to a metaphysical feeling, untethered from any discernable rationale.

Whatever the reason might be for picking up the brush, the pen, or the chalk, there might come a time when you start to reason with the possibility of making a sustainable living directly from your creativity.

It’s certainly possible for fervent artists to make money fast nowadays, and in fact, it always has been, but now the online world is here in full force, and it’s ripe with opportunity.

Digital Accessibility

The global connectivity offered up by the digital landscape has served to at least somewhat level the playing field for emerging artists.

For example, artists can now establish themselves in the online world with little more than a solid website and an accessible portfolio.

Plus, online platforms have made it much easier to ship physical artwork to buyers all over the world.

Thanks to wonderful online marketplaces, you can now find pallet shipping services (pallet shipping is often a convenient way to transport goods around the world) at the touch of a button.

This essentially takes care of any transportation issues, and you shouldn’t even need to prepare your art for shipping personally, as the service can oversee this part for you.

Building a Presence

Many of the world’s most currently renowned artists took hundreds of years to get noticed. In theory, the internet can help you build a noticeable presence in a matter of moments.

Social media is a big part of this, especially the more visual platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest, both highly valuable tools in the hands of a digitally savvy creative.

Dedicated virtual marketplaces for art can take away physical barriers, which could have been a problem for an artist in the past.

For example, struggling to get space in a gallery no longer needs to be an issue. Etsy and Redbubble are big names in this sphere, but there are plenty of other opportunities for artists of all different backgrounds and styles.

How exactly should you go about building your presence? Here are three quick tips:

  1. Organize Your Portfolio – An accessible, well-organized portfolio is a joy to behold, and it’s only what your beautiful creations deserve.
  2. Get On Social Media – Show off your art on social media in all its splendor; this can get your name noticed.
  3. Build an Attractive Modern Website – The website will be your digital storefront, the hub of artistic brilliance that your many fans will one day flock to.


While creativity and art can be a profoundly insular and solitary experience, the process often benefits from existing within a community that shares the same values, experiences, and insight.

Collaboration opportunity is one of the best aspects of the entire internet, so why not take full advantage and reach out to your fellow creatives?

You may find inspiration around each and every virtual corner, and it may be the opportunity you need to make yourself a sustainable, handsome income in time.

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