Why Were Cornflakes Invented – Here Is the Answer

Why were cornflakes invented

Cornflakes are also referred to by some people as anti-porn flakes.  Well, to just the record clear, this is not official in any way; it is mere speculation.  That said, cornflakes are known from across the world, but what remains a mystery is why were cornflakes invented.

There have been so many theories that seek to explain the genesis of cornflakes. Unfortunately, a good number of these theories are not right, which explains why it is still essential to carry out more research on this issue.  However, before attempting to answer why were cornflakes invented, it is very important to look at what they are first of all.  

What Are Cornflakes 

What Are Cornflakes 

If you did your research on the internet, chances are high that you have come across many strange explanations. However, these speculations are merely people’s ideas and nothing more. For example, the simplest explanation about cornflakes is that they are a breakfast cereal that comes from toasting corn flakes.  

That is the right explanation for cornflakes and nothing else other than that.  However, there are many other explanations about the origin of cornflakes.   But, any other explanation that is separate from this one is either an expansion of the same or not right.  

These are nothing but toasted cereals, and that is it.  That said, it is now essential to look at the reason for cornflake invention.  Doing so will help you answer the question of why were cornflakes invented and help you understand this motive as well.  

Why Were Cornflakes Invented? 

Why Were Cornflakes Invented

Just as is the case with the definition of cornflakes, there is so much speculation about the reason.  There are claims that the invention of cornflakes became necessary as an anti-masturbation food. No matter how horrible it seems, this is one of the possible reasons for the invention of cornflakes.

To tell the truth, this reason is true and also false in equal measure.  First, you need to know the reason behind the invention of cornflakes a long time ago. This means the people in the current generation do not know exactly why this invention came about.  

It is estimated that cornflakes were invented back in the 19th century. However, a good number of people in the current world have issues understanding exactly why cornflakes were invented. This lack of clarity has created so much room for people to speculate so much about and around this issue.  

This is exactly why there has been so much misinformation about and around this issue.  Nonetheless, a description that explains the invention of cornflakes was as a meal that aims to reduce the masturbation level. However, there have been some other issues about the invention of cornflakes.  

In fact, many of the people who ask why were cornflakes invented do so due to this confusion. Take note of the fact that no one knows the reason for the cornflake’s invention. People have had various explanations, but very few of them have been satisfying.  

The Inventor Of Cornflakes 

The Inventor Of Cornflakes 

The discussion around why were corn flakes invented seems to be running away from the inventor of this meal.  In fact, many people do not know exactly who is the person responsible for this invention.  This is the case despite there being so much information and misinformation about this whole issue.  

John Harvey is the inventor of cornflakes, who is also known to be unique. He was popular for many things, but the signature white dress was the most unique among them. Based on reports, he also liked to move from one place to another to gather information.  

Harley was a fitness enthusiast and lived a healthy life. Besides that, Harvey was also a very successful businessman who led one of Michigan’s best and most successful businesses.  This is the person who sat down and came up with the idea of cornflakes.  

It Was Meant To Help Avoid Sin 

It Was Meant To Help Avoid Sin 

There were many movements with the aim to reduce sin in the early years.. This is because the amount of sinning at this particular time caught the attention of so many people, key among them religious leaders.  In response to this, these leaders tried to come up with ways they believed could help deal with these issues.  

Coming up with an unstimulating meal was one of the most common and popular ways for the course. This is exactly how meals like cornflakes came into being.  Even though cornflakes were never marketed as an anti-masturbation meal, they served this role.  

The message behind this meal was hidden but resonated so well with so many people as well.  The fact that no one ever came out to talk about this meal being designed for this purpose created so much speculation.  This is exactly why there has been so much questioning about the basic purpose of this meal and the common question “why were cornflakes invented.”  

In fact, the reason why some people ask why cornflakes were invented is because of this reason. But, unfortunately, different people understood this invention in different ways, which is why there has been so much misinformation about this issue.  Even more important is the fact that this use of cornflakes seems to be obsolete now.  

Cornflakes Are No Longer Serving Their Initial Purpose 

Cornflakes Are No Longer Serving Their Initial Purpose

Even though cornflakes are still around, they are no longer being used for this purpose.  Leave alone that it is even expected that the use of cornflakes will go down even further in the coming days.  However, as to why cornflakes were invented, it is not very clear.  


You must have asked the question, why were cornflakes invented.  Well, there are some explanations about this whole issue which attempts to give an answer to it.  The text above attempts to shed some light on why corn flakes were invented back then.  

Frequently Asked Questions  

Q1.Why were cornflakes invented?

Ans: William Kellogg invented cornflakes in 1894 for the patients of Battle Creek Sanitarium. He invented it to stop people from the habit of masturbation.

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