Fitness Plan: A Guide To Reaching Your Fitness Goals

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Guide To Reaching Your Fitness Goals

You might be looking to regain your fitness of old, or perhaps you want to shed a few pounds and stave off middle age. You might be a promising young athlete who wants to take it to the limit, whatever your reasons for wanting to improve your fitness levels, it is critical to create a fitness plan; when you approach a personal trainer, the fitness pro creates a plan and helps you to set goals.

The Importance Of Goal-Setting

It is important to have goals regarding fitness training, so the first thing to do is identify your expectations; be realistic, and set a timeline. It might be a 12-month plan and with the best physical therapy clinic in Bangkok, you have a qualified physio should you suffer an injury. With reachable goals, you chart your progress, whether working out alone, with a trainer, or in a group class; it is important to push yourself and when working out solo, this can be an issue, as there is no one to make you do those extra few reps.



Part of your fitness plan is dedicated to what you consume:

There are a lot of free resources on the web to help you plan your weekly diet and make sure you stay hydrated. If you are looking to build muscle mass, order a few tubs of protein shakes; mix one scoop with water in a blender and consume this about 30 minutes after you finish the routine.

Home Or Gym

Some people prefer to work out in the comfort of their own homes, while you probably have a few local MMA and boxing gyms nearby. Joining a class is a great idea; you’ll make lots of new friends and there are different levels from beginner to pro athlete. Gym subscriptions are affordable and you get the guidance of the trainer, who will make sure you are doing what you should be. If you would like to learn about yoni oil, click here.

Exercise Routines

Exercise Routines

All round upper body should be a focus, with alternating leg days and some running; it all depends on what your goals are; building muscles means heavy weights and low reps while preparing for a contact sport would require lighter weights and more reps. Three sets of everything and start with an easy 10 reps, building on that every week and remember to always warm up and down, which reduces the risk of pulling a muscle.

Embrace The Pain

This is the best way to approach a serious fitness program; ’no pain, no gain’ pretty much sums it up. Why do our muscles ache the day after a weight training session? The tiny blood vessels in the muscles expand in order to deliver more blood and it is this expansion that causes the pain, which only lasts a while until your body becomes familiar with the extreme activity.

Write your fitness plan and smash your goals.

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