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published on: 20 May 2022 last updated on: 23 May 2022
Consumer Loans

There are many types of consumer loans that you can acquire as you need them.

All these loans have different requirements, some have more requirements than others.

Some of these loans are tougher for you to get if you have bad credit, other loans, your credit does not matter at all. All these loans can help you in some way or another.

All these loans need to be paid back in a timely matter, or your credit score will go down.

Types of Consumer Loans

1. Personal Loan

Personal Loan

 A personal loan is a loan that a bank will give to you for use for whatever you might need the money for. Sometimes it can be to consolidate bills, vacation, or anything else that you might need the money for.

Personal loans can be secured loans or unsecured loans. If the loan is secured, you will need something to secure the loan, such as a car or some other collateral that is worth at least as much as your loan. An unsecured loan is one that you can just sign for and the bank will give it.

A personal loan will have a higher interest rate than some of the other loans. If you have bad credit, your interest rate can even be higher. If you fail to pay your loan on time, your interest rate can become even higher.

2. Mortgage


A mortgage is a home loan that uses your home as collateral for the money that you borrow. If you do not keep your mortgage payments up to date, you can lose your home.

This type of loan has the longest payback term, usually, as long as thirty years on some types of mortgages. There are at least two types of mortgages you can get, one with a fixed interest rate and one with an adjustable interest rate.

A fixed-rate interest mortgage has one rate that you are given at the time you sign your loan, and it stays the same throughout the life of your loan. An adjustable-rate interest mortgage has an interest rate that changes with the life of the loan.

If the interest rate goes up in the country, your interest rate will also go up. If it goes down in the country, your interest rate will go down, but it is not guaranteed to stay down.

The cost of a mortgage loan can vary depending on many factors, including but not limited to, the cost of the home, interest rates, and sometimes insurance costs. If you need to see more about loans you can check out this site: https://www.forbrukslåån-lav-rente/. All these factors, and more, affect the cost of your mortgage loan.

3. Student Loan

Student Loan

A student loan is a loan provided to you so that you can go to the school of higher learning that you choose.

It can be a college, university, or trade school, depending on what you want from your school. There are government student loans that you can qualify for or private student loans that you can qualify for.

With the government loan, you must fill out a FAFSA, or Free Application for Federal Student Aid. If you live at home, you must use your parent’s financial information to fill out the paperwork. If you live on your own, you must use your own financial information.

You can also apply for a private student loan through a private bank or credit union. For these types of loans, you will have to fill out an application to see if you qualify for the loan. The bank will use your financial information, along with your credit score, to see if you qualify for the loan.

If you get a federal loan, you will have your payments deferred, or put off, until at least six months after you graduate from school. Then you will have to begin paying the loan back with the interest that you signed up for. If it is a private loan, you may have to begin paying for it a month or so after you sign the papers.

4. Auto Loan

Auto Loan

An auto loan is a loan that you get on a car that you want, a new one, or a used one. With an auto loan, the car is your collateral. If you fail to pay on your loan, the bank will take your car.

There are many types of loans that you can get to buy a car, some are especially for new cars and come with an interest rate as low as zero percent for up to six or seven years.

Other loans are made for used cars and have higher interest rates and go for shorter periods, usually up to four years.

Auto loans can come from the dealership, or a private bank or credit union. The dealership loans will give you better rates, usually, but you must have a better credit score to get the best rates.

There are websites that can help you determine the best loans for you. The bank loans will usually have at least slightly higher interest rates. Used car loans usually have the highest interest rates.

5. Payday Loan

Payday Loan

A payday loan is a very short-term loan that provides you extra cash until your next payday. The payday loan has a very high-interest rate and is intended for you to pay back soon.

For example, if you get a payday loan for five hundred dollars, you will have to pay it back within the month and pay back five hundred seventy-five dollars.

Payday loans are usually only used for emergencies because of their very high-interest rates. Unfortunately, many people get caught in a revolving loan trap where they will borrow the money in an emergency, pay it back, and then need to get another payday loan to make it through the next month.

If you need to see more about the payday loan trap, see here. This can go on for a long time, with the borrower never really being able to catch up.

6. Pawn Shop Loan

Many expensive golden jewerly rings earrings and necklaces with big amount of us dollar bills on white background pawnshop or jewerly shop Premium Photo

A pawn shop loan is a short-term loan that requires collateral such as jewelry or electronics, or anything that is worth some money. The pawn shop will give you money for your item and you are given a certain amount of time to pay it back.

If you do not pay the loan back in time, you will lose the item that you gave them for collateral, and the pawnshop will sell it to recoup their money.

7. Small Business Loan

Small Business Loan

Small business loans are for the small entrepreneurs that want to make their small businesses better by buying a larger building, adding supplies, or buying new technology to keep the business going.

These loans can last up to three hundred months and can have interest rates that are high or low depending on your credit score and the success of your small business.

You can get your secured or unsecured small business loans through banks, credit unions, or online lenders, depending on where you want to go. These loans must be paid back on time, or you could end up losing your business to pay it back.

8. Credit Builder Loan

Credit Builder Loan

A credit builder loan is just that, a loan to help you to build your credit – whether it is because you have no credit history, or you have a bad credit history and you are trying to rebuild it.

With a credit builder loan, you will be asked to pay a certain amount of money each month which will be put into a savings account. When you have paid in anything from three hundred dollars to one thousand dollars, or more, then you will be given the money to spend as you which.

The bank has almost no risk for this type of loan, but you have a high risk. You can look at this site to learn more about credit-builder loans:  If you do not pay the money on time each month, you could use all your money.

9. Recreational Vehicle and Boat Loan

Boat Loan

The RV or Boat loan is a loan to purchase those vehicles. Usually, banks want the motorhomes or boats to be newer and will give you a better interest rate the newer they are.

That is because it will be easier for the bank to sell if you fail to pay your loan back. You must be careful to choose the best loan for you because some loans are better than others.


There are many types of loans that you can get, you just must find the one that is best for you. Shop for the best interest rates, best loans, and best banks for you. Remember to make sure the lending institution that you choose has the loan product that you need with the interest rates you require. Be careful with the type of loan that you take out, especially being careful with payday loans. They can get you caught in a never-ending trap and not be much help in the long run.

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