6 Employee Motivation Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Red Hat Media Business 11 March 2022 3 Mins Read
Employee Motivation Mistakes

Did you know that higher morale leads to employees taking far fewer sick days? By keeping morale high and working on an employee motivation strategy you will be able to keep production levels high, while still working with a happy team.

Knowing that your motivation mistakes are being made isn’t enough, you need to find out how you can fix them as well.

Keep reading to find out about employee motivation mistakes and how you can avoid them.

1. Stop Micromanaging

Absolutely nobody likes micromanagement. If someone is constantly looking over your shoulder or telling you what to do every step of the way, you won’t feel comfortable doing your work or even start feeling like your role is obsolete. By letting your employees do the work you hired them for (while still giving guidance!), you are giving them the opportunity to flourish in their roles.

2. Is That Meeting Necessary?

Meetings that could have been an email are the bane of most employees’ existence. Only hold a meeting if you are sure it is needed and if enough people will benefit from the in-person interaction. Also, take a look at your regular team meetings and decide if they’re really necessary.

3. Not Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due

There are few things as demoralizing as doing a great job, or going above and beyond, without being recognized for it. If you constantly do great work but don’t receive any praise or recognition, you might start wondering if it is even worth it to keep your quality up. So try hosting an employee appreciation day or have a reward system in place for employees that did a fantastic job.

4. Disregarding Others’ Ideas

If you are going to be asking for ideas and opinions, you need to be prepared to listen. If you go into a conversation with the outcome already decided, you might lose out on some valuable ideas purely because you didn’t take the time to listen to your employees.

While you may not always have time to listen to every idea presented to you, it is important to remember that some of your employees work positions that you don’t fully understand.

5. Not Listening

Similar to the previous point, if you are building an employee motivation strategy you need to listen to your employee’s wants and needs. They have experience with the problem that you’re trying to solve so ask them about it!

6. Do Not Make Empty Promises

Breaking promises and making empty promises are some of the quickest ways to lower company morale. If you can’t be seen as trustworthy or someone that keeps their word, your employees will lose faith in you and, in turn, the company.

Stop Making Employee Motivation Mistakes

It is important to stop making these employee motivation mistakes to keep morale high. If your employees don’t feel valued and seen, they most likely won’t stick around very long, so if you want to keep your team as it is, remember to keep morale high and give credit where credit is due.

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