Do MNCs Exploit Their Employees: 5 Things You Should Know

Arnab Dey Business 28 February 2022 3 Mins Read

MNCs or multinational corporations, in essence, are ideal for a country’s economy. It brings revenue through work, introduces high-end technologies, and provides more employment opportunities for everyone.

However, everything that’s positive comes with a cost – employee exploitation.

Yes, to some extent, multinational corporations ill-treat their workers pretty elusively. Hence, according to a Joplin Workers Compensation Attorney, an individual doesn’t even understand that they are being exploited in some cases.

So, how do you tackle it?

Well, if you feel like you’re being exploited, you can always take the help of workers comp lawyers. They’ll assist you with the legal aspects and ensure that you’re being appropriately heard in the courtroom if the situation gets dicey.

Nevertheless, before you make any progress in this aspect, you’ll need to know how you’re being exploited in an MNC. This article will help you out in this aspect.

How Do MNCs Exploit Their Employees? 

In this section, we have explained five ways in which MNCs take advantage of their employees. Let’s jump into it right away. 

1. You Are Covering Up For Someone Else

You Are Covering Up For Someone Else

Sometimes, your boss might ask you to go a little above and beyond your regular duties. However, it’s just a part of being a team player. During a rough day’s work, most of us tend to do more than what’s required. 

Nonetheless, this situation must be temporary and shouldn’t last more than a week or two. If you are regularly covering up for your team leader or another member, it’s time to consider it as a form of exploitation.

When someone starts taking advantage of you, they tend to forget the amount of work they’re passing to you. Hence, if your current situation doesn’t correlate to your job description, make sure to reach out to the higher authority immediately. 

Make sure to hire a Joplin Workers Compensation Attorney if you’re considering taking legal action. 

2. No Compensation For Additional Work 

Usually, while you’re handling a tricky project, your organization will ask you to work during Sundays as well. If we’re being honest, it’s a manageable situation too. However, when you are overworking, you’ll have to consider getting compensated for it. 

In some cases, the MNCs don’t follow the rule of making payments for doing extra work. Hence, if it’s being done to you, you should consider this issue as a violation or exploitation of your employment rights, 

3. Making Abrupt Alterations In Schedule 

Making sudden changes in your schedule is understandable if it’s written on your contract. Nevertheless, if it’s not, your boss has no right to change it whenever they want.

Also, even if someone’s changing your schedule and making you work more, they must pay you for it. If they don’t, we’ll ask you to hire a Joplin Workers Compensation Attorney and fight for your rights. 

4. Being Paid Less Or Delays In Salaries

Being Paid Less Or Delays In Salaries

Salary delays, which usually occur once or twice a week, are not really too critical. However, if this issue persists for a prolonged period, it can be considered exploitation. 

Usually, as an employee, you’ll get paid within the first week of a month. However, if you’re not getting that, you should try talking to your boss as soon as possible. Make sure to explain why money is essential for your family as well. 

If they aren’t listening, you can either go for a legal solution or leave the organization through mutual consent. 

5. Informal Behavior 

Sometimes, indulging in a warm, communicative session with your boss is pretty normal. However, being too informal, especially in front of everyone else, is not correct. 

While behaving informally doesn’t really follow the same sense of exploitation, it can be definitely be referred to as ill-treatment. 


As an employee, you should always try your best to defend your rights. Hence, if you are experiencing any form of exploitation while working in an MNC, be sure to raise complaints. 

However, if you aren’t capable of taking care of the legal aspects alone, make sure to hire a Joplin Workers Compensation Attorney. They will handle all the liability issues as efficiently as possible and rest your case perfectly in court if needed. 

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