Will Starfield PS5 Remain A Dream For Many, Or Soon Be A Reality?

Starfield PS5

The hype for Starfield PS5 is real.

As gamers are patiently waiting for the game to come to stores in September, many are confused by its lack of a PlayStation 5 release. PS5 users are eagerly waiting for a PS5 announcement as they wish to experience one of the biggest and most ambitious video games ever created.

But will playing Starfield become a reality for PS5 users, or still remain a dream? Read this post to find out what we know about Starfield arriving on the PlayStation 5 so far.

Starfield: What We Know So Far

Starfield What We Know So Far

Starfield is the new upcoming “open space” video game to be released by Bethesda Games. This is the first new IP to be developed by this company, which has previously developed games like The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim and Fallout 4. A lot of the gameplay was first revealed at Summer Game Fest 2023.

If you are confused about what genre for a video game to choose, then playing action-adventure games like this might just be what you need. Therefore, to learn more about Starfield PS5 gameplay, keep on reading through all the sections below.


By the 2300s, humanity had developed space travel beyond what we could imagine now. 

After the slow decay of Earth over time due to resource mining, pollution, and overpopulation, humans have now colonized various planets in our solar system.

Now, humanity has spread across various planets in your solar system, mostly toward its outer spaces. Located 50 light years away, most human settlements form The Settled Systems.

However, in 2310, a massive colony war took place in the systems between its two primary factions – The United Colonies and the Freestar Collective. While the war ended with the signing of a peace treaty between them, its inhabitants now live in uneasy peace. This situation is akin to the cold war between Russia and the USA.

Starfield takes place 20 years after the Colony War, in the year 2330. In this game, you take control of an unnamed customizable character. As a member of Constellation – a guild of space explorers, you get embroiled in the conflict between the two factions. 

In addition, you also stumble upon various artifacts that point towards extra-terrestrial lifeforms – a mystery that needs to be solved by you.

This serves as the basic premise of the game – which is similar to Skyrim and Fallout: New Vegas. According to Tod Howard, the main story of the game will take around 40 hours to complete. However, completing all side quotes and exploring all the 1,000 “procedurally generated planets” will take around 100 more hours.

Character Customization

When you start the game, you are able to create your character. Unlike Skyrim, there are no non-human races to choose from. You have to customize your human character to a great extent, comparable to other RPGs like Cyberpunk 2077. 

During Starfield PS5 character creation, you will be able to choose the following:

  • The body type (slim, normal-built, or fat)
  • Appearance (skin tone, hair, facial appearance, etc)
  • Character background (choose from a few selectable backstories)
  • Specialization traits (special skills to start the game with)

Skill Trees

In addition, your character will have a skill tree that dictates your stats, in-game abilities and skills, and more. 

As you complete quests, kill enemies, and collect items, you will gain experience points and level up. As you level up, you can upgrade your existing skills and stats or gain new skills from the various skill trees as well.

There are five Starfield PS5 skill trees to level up and gain new abilities. They are:

  • Physical: Refers to physical attributes, like health, defense, movement speed, stealth, and more.
  • Social: Refers to your social Starfield skills active while talking with NPCs. Having higher social skills will open up new peaceful (or intimidating) dialogue options that otherwise would have resulted in combat.
  • Combat: Combat in Starfield PS5 is basic gunplay with various melee weapons thrown in the mix.
  • Science: These skills are related to crafting new equipment, identifying new plants, astrodynamics for upgrading your spacecraft, chemistry, and medicine for crafting potions, and more.
  • Tech: Similar to science, this Starfield PS5 skill tree is related to its tech parts, like crafting new equipment and weaponry.

“Open Space” Exploration

Similar to games like Warframe and Destiny (but larger in scale), Starfield PS5 will include a completely explorable solar system.

Starfield PS5 director Todd Howard has stated that the solar system wool;l have 1000 planets to land and explore. However, only 100 (10%) of all the planets are handcrafted, having life and outposts on them. The rest of the planets will be procedurally generated by the AI.

Regarding in-game locations, one of the planets will be home to New Atlantis, the “largest explorable city created by Bethesda.”

Customizable Spaceship

You will be traveling from planet to planet using your modular spaceship in Starfield PS5. 

You can upgrade your spaceship in multiple ways, like making it more durable, reflecting enemy firepower, or going fully invisible. You can buy new spaceships and upgrade them at the spaceports of distinct planets. Regarding customization, you can customize each individual part one by one.

NPCs And Companions

NPCs And Companions

The planets with life on them will feature hundreds of NPCs to converse with. Many of them will remain inconsequential. However, most of them will aid (or hinder) your quests.

While engaging in conversation with them, you can choose from various dialog options. However, if you have a high level of social skills, you will gain access to new dialog options. With these options, you will be better able to convince or intimate NPCs to change the outcome of the quests in myriad ways.

In addition, a few select NPCs can be convinced to join your party. After they do so, they will be able to help you in your quests as an AI-controlled party member (similar to followers in Skyrim).

Plus, some of your party members can be romanced, leading to fun and romantic outcomes!

Buildable Outposts And Mining

On many planets, you will be able to build your outposts or take control of enemy-controlled outposts. 

After you take control of an outpost or build one, you can start mining operations to harvest the natural resources of the planet. Using these resources. You can create various research materials to upgrade your spaceship and weapons. You can also sell them and start your own resource businesses!

You can have one of your NPC companions stay in the outpost to act as its commander.


Combat takes place in two ways – shooting heads and spaceship vs spaceship combat.

You can play this game in a third-person or first-person mode, which affects its gameplay as well. Therefore, its gunplay is similar to an FPS (first-person shooter) and a TPS (third-person shooter) as well.

Combat with humans follows the norm. You use guns to shoot, with headshots doing more damage as critical hits. Melee weapons can also be equipped to fight up close, dealing massive damage.

To aid in movement, you can also equip a jetpack as well. This also enables aerial combat, where you can rain down hell from above!

Apart from combat with humans, you will also participate in ship battles. These space battles will look like a fight scene taken straight out of a Star Wars movie. You can either blow up enemy ships to space debris or hijack them and slaughter their inhabitants from the inside.

In addition, you may also take part in trade between non-hostile spaceships you meet while exploring.

Starfield Release Date: Is Starfield Xbox Exclusive?

Starfield Release Date

Starfield will be released on Windows PC and Xbox Series X and S consoles on September 6, 2023. 

However, the game will not be released on previous generation consoles like the Xbox One S or X, nor the PS4. Plus, the release of Starfield PS5 is still uncertain now since this game will be a Windows and Xbox exclusive so far, unlike other new games like Atlas Fallen.

Therefore, will Starfield be on PS5? So far, it seems that Starfield PS5 is highly unlikely, at least for a year. This will take place since Microsoft bought Bethesda Games last year.

Conclusion: When Will Starfield PS5 Release?

Whether or not is Starfield coming to PS5 is a mystery so far. While most gamers have their fingers crossed to play Starfield PS5 within a year or two after its release, many are still pessimistic about the Starfield PlayStation 5 release window. We have kept our fingers crossed so far.

Let us know in the comments when you think the Starfield PS5 release date might be!

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