Top 15 OSRS Money-Making Methods In 2023

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OSRS Money Making

Money is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, driving forces for players in Old Schol RuneScape. Money buys skills, gear, and, more importantly, prestige! Getting the best items in the game will cost you some serious bank. And everyone is constantly looking for OSRS Money Making ways to stack those riches.

So what are legitimately the best ways to get that dough fast in Old School RuneScape?

Most of the best methods are combat-based, but a few of them do involve skilling. Either way, let’s break it down and look at some methods you can use to build up your gp savings.

15 Best OSRS Money Making Techniques

I watched a lot of OSRS streamers after I used Twitch.TV/activate to watch Twitch on my big screen. The best OSRS money making techniques in 2023 are:

15. Mining Rune Ore

Mining Rune Ore

Everyone will be eligible to mine to prized Rune Ore at level 85 mining. The most costly ore is rune, which sells for 11.8k per ore. A complete inventory is, therefore, worth roughly 330k gold.

Since the rune rocks are a Pk’ing hotspot, non-members can only harvest Rune Ore within the Wilderness, which can prove rather hazardous. Members may mine rune ore in a variety of locations, which makes the process quicker and more effective.

Depending on whether you are F2P or not, you can often anticipate a profit of between 400k and 700k gold every hour. Even so, this is still a fantastic profit and certainly among the finest F2P money earners (as well as a respectable P2P one!)

14. Smithing Rune Items

Smithing Rune Items

You’ve dug out a ton of rune ore, but you’re not sure what you should do with it, right?

So why not forge it if you’re into learning OSRS Money Making methods?

You can start forging rune items after your smithing skill reaches level 85. The best products to Smith are ones that are well-liked in High Alchemy because they can easily sell on the Grand Exchange. The greatest possibilities at this moment are rune platelets, skirts, and 2-handed swords. With this approach, you should be able to make about 500k every hour.

This is great for high-level F2P smithers. However, I also suggest it to P2P players, especially those who want to reach 99 smithing while earning some extra cash.

13. Zulrah


Zulrah is a popular OSRS Money Making method. There is a good reason why it is known as “the money snake.”

You must have finished the quest “Regicide” in order to reach Zulrah, and I strongly advise having a high magic level as well as a minimum of level 45 prayer to defend against its potent assaults.

Zulrah’s drops average out to be worth about 100k gold every kill. Thus depending on your abilities and equipment, you may expect to make between 1 and 2 million per hour. Because kill times are quick and banking and replenishing are simple with a player-owned house that is maxed out, high-level players are going to make a sizable amount of money here.

12. Black Chinchompas

Black Chinchompas

Black chinchompas are located deep within the Wilderness and need a Hunter of at least level 80 to capture. And out of all the hunting options in OSRS money making, they offer the greatest gp per hour.

Remember to bring some tanking gear and a single-click teleport, such as a royal seed pod, as you’ll be in the overworld for this, and you’ll need to flee Pk’ers.

When grinding, you’ll unavoidably encounter a person who wants to murder you, so be ready. You can get between 300 and 480 chins every hour here, provided that Pk’ers don’t attack you too frequently. This works up to over 1.2 million in profit every hour! 

Additionally, you’ll get a significant amount of hunter experience – roughly 150,000 experience points per hour! Therefore, you can read this Hunter Class Guide with shooting Specialization guide to become a better Hunter!

11. Chambers of Xeric

Chambers of Xeric

The first raid added to OSRS was Chambers of Xeric, and it has the potential to be quite a lucrative OSRS money making method. The explanation – a single drop of a Twisted Bow is worth more than 1 billion coins!

You may anticipate finishing about 2 raids every hour on average. Additionally, loot will rely on how effective you are since earning more money and accumulating more points will increase your wealth.

A powerful high-level squad may earn 30k points for each player or about 2m per raid. At 20,000 points, you may anticipate 1.3m for each raid. This is capped out by taking into account all unique drops since you may receive a drop for 100m in certain raids while receiving none at all in others. 

10. Eclectic Imps (Medium Clues)

Eclectic Imps

This OSRS money making approach heavily relies on chance. But generally, it ought to generate a sizable profit. More precisely, this strategy focuses on cracking open electric hinting jars and solving medium clues that appear with a 1/25 probability in order to obtain a 34 million GP Ranger boot drop!

If you have teleports and missions unlocked, you may expect to finish 20 medium clues each hour on average. You may anticipate an hourly profit of 2.4 million at this pace. You may expect to make about 1.2 million each hour if you’re less productive and can only complete 10 clues every hour.

Additionally, the majority of medium clue prizes are not very valuable. Therefore, these earnings projections will be drastically reduced if ranger boots are not obtained. 

9. Cerberus


You must have a level 91 Slayer to fight the head hellhound – Cerberus. The rare Primordial Crystal, believed to be worth 25 million, sits on Cerberus’ fantastic drop table. Cerberus is a rather easy boss to tackle, and each kill usually nets roughly 85k gold.

With this strategy, getting a Primordial or Eternal Crystal will significantly increase your earnings because Cerberus is quite demanding on your resources, especially prayer potions because of his special attack.

You won’t earn as much here without these drops, therefore. However, this is a terrific boss, in my opinion.  However, there are better options if you want dependable income, such as Chambers of Xeric.

8. Corporeal Beast

Corporeal Beast

Corporeal Beast is one of the toughest challenges for an OSRS money making method. And defeating him might result in enormous rewards! One of the most costly PvM drops in OSRS is the Elysian Sigil, which is dropped by him and is worth 1.1 billion gp (no joke).

All of the sigils on the 1/585 sigil drop table are extremely valuable. The drop table for Corp is likewise highly generous and contains a lot of high-value items.

If we compare the average drop between the two sigils, we see that the former is around 528k gp while the latter is approximately 120k. Regardless, this is still wonderful. You could make 2.7 million dollars an hour if you assume 6 kills every hour! Teams can speed up this process, but they will naturally demand a share of the drops.

7. Vorkath


If you’re utilizing a Dragon Hunter Crossbow or a Dragon Hunter Lance, which are essential for swift kills here, Vorkath is a terrific foe to defeat.

You must have finished Dragon Slayer II and have some strong fighting stats in order to defeat Vorkath. If you’re a ranged character, I also advise having access to anti-fire potions and elite void.

Although much more generous, Vorkath’s drop table is fairly comparable to Zulrah’s in terms of earning money.

If we suppose you obtain 30 kills every hour, you can make about 3 million here in an hour. His basic drop table generates the majority of his money, with his special drops just adding to it. As a consequence, farming Vorkath represents one of the finest ways to create OSRS money making it more consistent.

6. Giant Mole

Giant Mole

Giant Mole is very constant and a high-level when it comes to OSRS money making. This is astounding, given that it can be accessed with nearly no limitations at lower combat levels! This deserves to be at the top of the list.

Here, the strategy is to swiftly dispatch the mole and collect its components with either a full Dharok or a Twisted Bow. It is preferable to perform this after finishing the Falador Hard Diary since you will be able to collect the indicated mole bits and follow the mole’s movements with the Falador shield.

With this approach, you should make about 800K every hour. It’s also important to note that the majority of these earnings come from the real nests that were acquired as a substitute for the mole component parts, with the remaining portion coming from the sale of seeds.

5. Hallowed Sepulchre

Hallowed Sepulchre

Although difficult, this is one of the finest OSRS money making techniques. Due to its difficulty, some have referred to it as the Hell of skilling content.

Realistically, only levels 92 and higher in Agility are highly lucrative for this material. Since then, levels 3, 4, and 5 are completely lootable. However, the drops are all quite profitable here, and if you’re effective, you can expect to make between 2.5 million and 2.7 million every hour.

Additionally, you’ll grind agility experience here at some of the finest rates, at about 75-80K each hour!

4. Theatre of Blood

Theatre of Blood

Only the top teams in OSRS can complete the difficult Theatre of Blood. The majority of the earnings are generated by the unique goods that drop in this raid at a rate of about 1 in 11.

To successfully accomplish this raid, you must be exceptionally skilled at PvM, have excellent coordination, and fully comprehend the mechanics of OSRS ticks before beginning.

With two completions each hour and no deaths, you may anticipate a very high profit of 3.5 million per hour.

Theatre of Blood is a highly sought-after way to gain some quick money because drops such as the Scythe of Vitur are worth 550 million dollars on their own!

3. Corrupted Gauntlet

Corrupted Gauntlet

The majority of the OSRS money making tasks on this list may be completed in groups. However, the Corrupted Gauntlet is solo-only, placing all the burden on you. The Corrupted Hunllef, an extremely challenging monster, must be solved in order to do this, which is no simple task. He’s undoubtedly one of OSRS’s harshest employers.

Additionally, you only have 7:30 to get ready for the fight. You have that time to gather food, potions, and equipment before it’s too late. The rare Blade of Saeldor, which is valued at approximately 72 million gold pieces, is among the high-level items available from the Corrupt Gauntlet.

To be eligible for the awards, you must finish the gauntlet because failing to do so results in a very meager “joke” payout. But if you manage to finish it all, you may anticipate making over 3.5 million every hour – especially if you can continuously finish this stuff! 

2. Alchemical Hydra

Alchemical Hydra

The Alchemical Hydra, the highest-level Slayer monster in OSRS, may only be defeated on-task. Although a bit tedious, he is a tremendously gratifying boss to fight.

Here, you can often get 25 kills each hour, which works out to 175,000 profit per kill or 3.8m per hour. If we exclude unique drops from this figure, the rate is more likely to be about 110,000 gold per hour.

But for Ironmen, this is an excellent monster to take down since the hydra bones provide for a nice praying experience, and the abundance of alchemical drops allows you to significantly boost your cash supply.

You will need high-level range gear and a minimum of level 95 slayer before you can face the Hydra.

1. The Nightmare

The Nightmare

The newest PvM boss in OSRS takes first place. It is better to defeat The Nightmare in groups, and doing so demands a very high fighting level. She does, however, drop some of the most expensive things in OSRS, particularly the nightmare orbs, which are worth, respectively, 80, 250, and 890 million dollars.

Additionally, she drops the Inquisitor’s mace and armor, each of which is valued between 120 and 520 million dollars!

Assume a five-player squad that can complete 10 kills every hour. The odds of finding a staff or piece of armor are 1/120, whereas the odds of finding orbs are 1/600. Her standard drop table is fairly poor. Hence the only source of possible revenue is the special drops.

She is the finest enemy to kill for money if you get lucky with her drops, based on the figures above, yielding around 3.8 million to four million gold every hour!


In this OSRS Money Making Guidelines, money is one of the biggest—if not the biggest—motivators for players. Money may be used to purchase equipment, talents, and most importantly, prestige! The top gaming stuff will set you back a significant sum of money. And everyone is always seeking methods to increase their wealth.

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