How To Select The Right Church

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The Bible demonstrates that the ‘’church’’ isn’t a building but a body of believers. Hebrews 10:25 declares that believers shouldn’t give up assembling but encourage one another. This verse stresses the realism that followers of Christ must frequently convene together. 

The local church, for example, Planetshakers church, is characteristically where this kind of meeting occurs. Thus, the church is exceedingly vital to the life of a believer. This makes picking a church one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make in this life. 

Your church, in numerous ways, shapes who you’re and your fellowship with God. Most of the elements you’ll learn concerning the Bible will come through the church you attend. The selection is essential, and you have several options. Below are things to put in mind to choose the right church.

Motivates You In Worship

Worship is not simply about sitting through a church service or singing melodies. This element almost appears too obvious to state. The church is about reverence to God the Father; that is the core of your existence. 

God created you to reverence Him. Jesus makes this point much apparent when He asks which commandment is the greatest, then says to love God with your entire heart, soul, and mind in Matthew 23:37-39. 

A good church helps members in this relationship with God not merely with the weekly service but throughout their lives. The church services can be of various types. One of the main things is worship. 

The other things are like the areas of social services. Before going to any church, take a look at the particular services they are offering, then select the right place for you.

Encourages And Equips You To Advance In Discipleship

A disciple is a person who’s learning to live like Jesus. A healthy cathedral is more concerned about making disciples than growing its number. Growth in the life of a believer is an indicator of life in a church. In Hebrews 5:12-13, Paul stresses the importance of growth. The scripture encourages believers to grow and not remain infants. Growing churches glorify God. 

That growth does not only imply numerically but through Christians cultivating as proved in serving or by being involved in mission work, or by giving materially, by sharing the good news with others, and more.

1. Sound Doctrine

Several doctrines are floating around out there. As per the Bible, there is only one faith: 

”There’s one body, and one ghost, even as you’re called in one hope of your calling; sole God, one faith, single baptism, one God and Father of everyone, who’s above all and through all, and in all of you.” Ephesians 4:4-6. Sound doctrine is imperative. 

Numerous churches have a doctrinal declaration posted on their website. Warily look over this to establish if it agrees with the Bible and what you believe in. 

A sound doctrinal statement will clarify its stand on at least three topics: the Trinity, the fall of man, and redemption.

2. Pray

You now have a list of churches that fulfill the earlier points, but only one is a perfect choice. The way to single it out is by praying that God will convict you of the church to choose. When praying, you should open your mind to the astonishing responses God may just give.

Christianity isn’t a religion but a relationship. Hence, when choosing a church, you shouldn’t handle it as you do when searching for a service or product. 

You should do it cautiously under the guidance of the scriptures and the Holy Spirit. This way, you’ll find a church like Planetshakers church that’ll help you grow on your Christian growth and fellowship with brethren.


The Church is the place where you are going to feel god. And you are going to visit the place to calm your mind. It is always the best way to communicate with God and your inner self. Before going anywhere, do judge these things and then select your destination. But selecting any place, take a look at your local churches and their services.

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