Design for Value: How to Choose the Right Exterior Home Renovations

published on: 17 June 2022 last updated on: 13 July 2023
Exterior Home Renovations

Did you know that the average household in the United States of America spent around $1,500 on home renovations in 2019?

There is never a bad time to make a big change through exterior home renovations to your favorite house. The changes could be as small as a new color scheme or you could include new additions and rooms.

If you’re planning on selling a home then it makes a lot of sense to look at ways to boost home value by making big changes to the home exterior. If you’re unsure of where to start then that is okay. You’re in the perfect place to learn all about the seven best things that you can do for your home remodel.

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6 Lucrative Approaches To Choose the Right Exterior Home Renovations

  1. Fresh Paint
  2. New Siding
  3. Outdoor Living Space
  4. Update Your Home’s Roof
  5. Build a Fence
  6. Get New Lighting

1. Fresh Paint

Fresh home Paint

You’ll be shocked to discover how much a fresh coat of paint will change on your old house. Painting the exterior of your home is the least expensive way to add to your home value as well as the first impression that your home provides.

You can choose to take this on as a DIY project with your family or you can consider hiring professionals to help with the painting process.

Take a look at your home and keep an out for peeling paint and areas where the paint is starting to fade. Adding a fresh coat of paint will change the appearance of your home’s exterior dramatically. It’s a good idea to look at other homes in your neighborhood to find inspiration for the color scheme that you choose.

2. New Siding

New home Siding

New siding is another great way to start your exterior home renovations if you’re trying to get ready for selling a home. There are tons of siding options out there that are perfect for your home as well as the climate that you live in.

Many homeowners opt to go with vinyl siding because it looks nice and it lasts a long time. It’s also quite easy to maintain as the years go by, especially compared to wooden siding options. Look into adding Vinyl Shake Siding Accents to your home if you want to create a beautiful contrast.

You’ll also gain a ton of options when it comes to colors and textures with vinyl siding. You can create a unique look for your home or try to make it match with others in your area.

Metal siding is a great option if your main concern is the durability of your home’s exterior. You can install metal siding in a horizontal fashion or vertically depending on your preferences.

If you like the rustic look then wooden siding could be perfect for meeting your needs. It creates a look of an old-time home but you need to be ready to provide a lot of maintenance to keep it looking perfect.

When considering right exterior home renovations, homeowners often contemplate the durability of different siding materials. If you’re curious on how durable is cedar siding, click here to learn more.

3. Outdoor Living Space

Outdoor Living Space

Another great idea for exterior home renovations is adding outdoor living space. If you live in an area with a warm and comfortable climate then you need to look into creating a patio or other outdoor living space where you can relax with the family while out in nature.

If you already have a deck attached to your home then you’re halfway there. You’ll need to pick out comfortable furniture and a fire pit for those cooler nights. You can achieve this same goal with a patio at your home if you want to increase your property value.

Look to add hammocks or a pergola if you want to make it romantic and give you that feeling that you’re closer to nature.

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4. Update Your Home’s Roof

home roof update

Updating your home’s roof is another effective way of going through exterior home renovations. If your roof is starting to get worn then you should look into getting it repaired or replaced. An upgraded roof will not only make your home look nicer but it will also protect your family from the elements.

You’ll need to decide between going with asphalt shingles or a metal roof when home renovations start. Metal roofs last a long time and will stand up to Mother Nature’s worst, but they cost more money. Asphalt shingles will get the job done and provide solid roof protection for ten or more years.

This is also your chance to add a solar energy system to your home’s roof. If you’re planning on selling the home then solar isn’t the best idea, but it’s perfect if you want to make your home equipped for green living.

5. Build a Fence


Adding a fence to your yard is also a great way to boost your home’s value and add to your home’s exterior.

If you have kids and pets then it is a great way to keep them near your home and out of your neighbor’s yard. Make sure that you look at the functionality of the fence as well as its style in comparison to that of your home.

Your fence is a great addition to your home because you’ll have more security and privacy. You can gain peace of mind when you let the dog out so that it won’t run away.

6. Get New Lighting

New home  Lighting

Exterior lighting is one of the most underrated parts of many home renovations. It’s the perfect way to show off the best and most unique features of your home’s exterior. Look for the best solar lights for lining walkways and patios on your property.

You also can’t go wrong with adding string lights to your pergola or your backyard. It makes for a romantic setting that feels like something out of a movie.

Get Started With Your Exterior Home Renovations

This summer is the perfect time to start planning your exterior home renovations and figure out what you want to change about your home’s exterior. Consider getting a new coat of paint or new siding to enhance your home’s look and your home value.

You should also look into adding outdoor living space and some exterior lighting to show off the best aspects of your home.

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