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Small House Simple Pooja Room Ideas – Your Ultimate Quick Guide!

Pooja Room Ideas

In India, a pooja room is known as the most auspicious room/corner of a house that helps people relax, realign their thoughts, and focus on the positivity of any pooja room ideas.

This is why it is important for an individual to design the space most soothingly, making the needed difference in their lives.

But, what then is the simple yet best design for small pooja rooms? How to look for the best design? 

To help make your small pooja room the best of it all, we have curated this list of the most innovative pooja room ideas – just for you.

Small House Simple Pooja Room Ideas Of 2022

Listed below are the most popular small house simple pooja room tips to help transform your pooja room ideas and space into a peaceful one:

1) Avoid Clutter

It is of utmost importance to make sure that all pooja room ideas have a serene ambiance. Therefore, you should always try to refrain from cluttering with the use of way to idols that might interfere with the calmness of the space or create a visual distraction. 

A pooja room should always be a sorted area in a house.

2) Use Metallic Colours

Owing to the high use of metal accessories used in a pooja room like the bell, plates, and brass lamps, it is a good idea to decorate the room in metallic colors to help enhance the look of the space. However, try to make sure and not go overboard with the use as it might just overpower the room with the shine. 

We recommend using subtle elements like decorative metal motifs or metallic paint to balance the energy in the small area. Experimenting with metallic colors is one of the best pooja room ideas.

3) Marble Can Be Your Go-To

 Marble Can Be Your Go-To

Marble is one of the most luxurious and elegant stones that help bring a boost of energy in the small space and adds a soothing touch too. 

It is by far an ideal floor material for pooja room ideas throughout India. And can also be formulated into a beautiful floor-standing mandir.

4) Wood Design For A Pooja Room

Wood is a versatile interior material that is widely used in home decor as it adds beauty and warmth to the spaces in question. 

You may opt to use wood in your pooja room by using carved wooden structures to resemble the exquisite hand-carved sculptures and motifs as seen in old temples or use it in a smaller space such as pooja room ideas cabinet designs.

5) Modern Glass Pooja Room

Since most pooja room ideas for rooms are included in the corner of a living room or the hall, it becomes important for them to match the overall theme of the house. 

One way to do so is by using glass for your pooja room, either on the door or the shelves with idols. You may also want to look for a background-colored glass panel to enhance the style of the area.

6) Pooja Room Walls With Backlit Panels

Most designers use a backlit panel as an alternative for feature walls of the pooja rooms. 

We recommend using this backlight as a jali panel to be customized with designs like sacred symbols, etchings, or holy verses of gods and goddesses in order to bring the uniqueness of a pooja room idea.

7) Pooja Rooms with Jalis

While pooja rooms serve as a space of peace, it is also in need of privacy, especially when connected to another social or living space. To help you divide this space, the best option is to use jalis as a visual divide while also not blocking the natural light. 

These screens can be deco-cut or laser-cut into almost any kind of shape or pattern, enhancing the sophistication of your pooja room ideas.

8) Pooja Room with Lighting

Pooja Room with Lighting

Lighting is the best way to allow your pooja room to dictate its elegance through clever illumination, giving the small space a more roomy look. You might want to use focus lights and spotlights instead of the ambient lighting via jali designs. 

The objective here is to highlight the focal points in the pooja room ideas like the idols without overpowering the room with too much brightness.

9) The Right Decor Accessories

Not inclined to clutter, but choosing the right kind of accessories is a must. Try brass/silver objects for lamps, pots, and bells, following the mantra of fewer accessories and more philosophy. 

While you’re at it, make sure the pooja room ideas and decor accessories blend well with the overall style of your house – you don’t want the space to pop out of nowhere.

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10) Choosing The Right Idols

Ensure the idols you choose for the pooja room ideas are in the right proportion to the area. 

For small spaces, it is best to have one large ideal and avoid any clutter as prescribed by Vastu Shastra. It is also necessary to ensure that the idols are in good condition and are free from cracks.

To Conclude:

We hope the blog post above has helped you understand the tips to make the best out of your small pooja room space. Choose the best kind as per the demand of the pooja room ideas. These spaces invite the right energy to your home!


1) What Is A Pooja Room?

A pooja room is the most important space in an Indian household, also known as the prayer room. It is usually customized with dedicated idols and lights to conduct spiritual activities such as daily prayers.

 2) How to place idols in a pooja room? 

  • Always place the idols in the east and west direction and not the north or south
  • Avoid hanging the picture of the deities on the north or south wall
  • If your modern Pooja unit is smaller in size, avoid idols that exceed more than three inches
  • Do not keep the idols facing each other
  • Do not put any chipped or broken idols
  • Try to purchase the idols which are having a wooden platform
  • Avoid setting it on the unit of the floor

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