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What Is The Most Common Breast Cancer Diagnosis?

Breast Cancer

Breast cancer has rapidly increased amongst women in India and all major countries. Breast cancer affects women and also some men. Those who are in their 40s and above are more prone to breast cancer risk.

Although not as fatal as other cancers, undetected breast cancer can spread to other parts of the body such as the lungs, thyroid, throat, esophagus, and other digestive organs.

Breast cancers are being treated in all major hospitals in India and the most notable of them are the oncology hospitals in Hyderabad.

These hospitals have some of the best oncologists known for their expertise in treating and curing breast cancer in women. Breast cancer has affected more people in these past few years than it has in a long time.

Thanks to the awareness campaigns and initiatives taken by the oncology hospitals in Hyderabad, more and more women are aware of this fatal disease.

What Causes Breast Cancer?

Causes Breast Cancer

There are so many contributing factors to breast cancer, but none of them have been conclusive as to why breast cancer happens in some women. Breast cancer has a pattern of affecting some women, whereas others who may have the same factors may not be affected.

Below are the diagnostic techniques used at the cancer treatment hospital in Hyderabad:

1. Age

Most women who are 40 and above are at risk of contracting breast cancer in their lifetime.

2. Genetics

Genetics plays the most important part as most women who have breast cancer may have a close blood relative who has had the disease too.

3. Lifestyle

Excessive stress and lifestyle disorders such as high blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar may contribute to breast cancer.

4. Exposure to Radiation

Women who were exposed to radiation either due to cancer treatment in the past or in their professions were more prone to breast cancer.

5. Smoking

Those who smoked were at high risk for developing breast cancer.

6. Breastfeeding


Women who did not breastfeed in their lifetime were more prone to breast cancers.

7. Early-onset Periods Or Late Menopause

Early-onset periods and/or late menopause the body to high and prolonged levels of hormones which may cause breast cancer in women.

8. Diagnosing Breast Cancer

Breast cancer can be diagnosed with many different methodologies. Some of the most common techniques are mentioned below:

9. Self Examination

A most common method of diagnosing breast cancer is to conduct self-examination by noticing any difference in the shape, size or feel of the breast or areola and nipple.

10. Mammogram

A mammogram is the best method of detecting breast cancer at the earliest. Most women are recommended to perform this test if they are deemed to be high-risk cases. Screening tests are able to detect any signs of cancer whereas diagnostic tests can conclude the presence of cancer in the breast.

11. Biopsy

A small portion of the breast tissues is removed through surgical equipment and then observed by the lab to check for any signs of cancerous cells. This is a conclusive test for cancer of breasts.

12. MRI and Ultrasound

Both Ultrasound and MRI can generate pictures of the breasts by examining the tissues and formations inside the breast to conclude the presence of cancer in the breasts. Both these exams are done only if the above tests were not sufficient to diagnose cancer.

The Final Word

Individuals that make a complete recovery must take help from oncological rehab centers to get their life back on track. Chemo and radiation zap your energy considerably. You are left weak and defenseless with compromised immunity. This is why it is best to take help from experts that can help your recovery and regain your strength.

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