How To Permanently Delete Servers On Discord

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How to delete servers on discord

There are some situations that call for deleting servers on discord. It could be that your server has some sort of problems or if not that then it might be that you only need to try out other things which are not necessarily problematic.  Of key concern though in this case is knowing how to delete servers on discord and being able to carry out this process and doing so within the shortest period of time.  

The first thing you need to establish first before getting underway with this process is whether this process is possible or not.  It is only after establishing that this process is possible that you will be able to get underway with it. 

Deleting a discord server is very much possible just in case there are people who feel or think that is not.  The only thing you need is to learn how to delete servers on discord and you will be underway with this procedure.  In fact, there are some processes on how to delete servers on discord that are so simple that you can carry them out on your own within a short period of time.  

What Does A Discord Server Do? 

Before even looking for a way on how to delete servers on discord, it is important for you to understand first of all what servers do.  Having this knowledge will enable you to know exactly what you are doing and the consequences of your moves as well.  

A server in discord is simply a platform in discord through which members communicate with one another in the discord communities.  These members can be segregated on the basis of topics and themes and are sometimes so interesting.  

Why Do People Delete Servers Then? 

From the description above, it looks like the role of servers in discord is so essential.  As such, you might find it interesting to know why someone would find it necessary to go ahead and delete them.  Well, the reasons for deleting servers in discord are very genuine and vary from one person to the other.  

In some cases, some people find it necessary to delete the servers in discord because of a lack of members with whom they can interact.  In some other cases, it could be that someone has just gotten tired of using the server.  These among many other reasons make it essential to delete a server but knowing how to delete servers on discord mobile could be the only difference in this case.  Once you know how to carry out this process you will not have any problem carrying out this procedure when you need to. 

Deleting A Server On Discord Is An Irreversible Process

There have been some cases in the past where some people deleted servers on discord only to start looking for them afterward. Such people do so because of only one reason, they underestimate this process. Some of them even think that they will never need the server but end up looking for me later on.  

Such incidents should serve as warning lights to you before you even carry out this process.  You need to be sure of what you are doing and even take time to weigh in on the consequences of your decision before finally executing this procedure. Also, you need to be well informed that once you delete your server on discord that will be it.  You will not be able to recover it no matter how much you try or the kind of methods employ in this pursuit.  

How To Delete A Server Permanently 

Having looked at all those details above it is now time to turn attention to how to delete servers you create on discord.  Even as you contemplate taking on this process, you need to know that there are various processes that you can use to go about this process.  However, this article is not going to look at all those procedures and is only interested in one of them, the most convenient of them all.  

Step 1 

The first option for the people who need to delete servers on discord is to go to your discord application.

Step 2 

Once you have the application go to the server settings option. Doing this is much simpler, you only need to click on your server’s name and then open the drop-down menu which comes up after that.  

Step 3 

From the bottom left side of the drop-down menu, you will be able to see a delete server option 

Step 4 

Once you see this option, click right on it. To do this, you need to enter your server name right in the text.  

Step 5 

Once you have entered your server’s name, confirm the deletion process.  To do this, click on the delete server button you see.  

The process is done.  By carrying out this process you will be able to delete the discord server.  However, as it has been said already in the text above, you need to make sure that you are sure about carrying out this process.  Remember, once you have deleted the server, you will not be able to get it back which is why you need to be careful with the decision you make in this regard.  

There are also other procedures you can use to carry out this process in case you need to but this is the best of them all.  The method as you can see is very clear and simple to carry out meaning you do not need to struggle in carrying out this procedure.  


If you have been looking for a way on how to delete servers on discord then the text above is what you need to be reading.  From this text, you are going to get information on how to delete a server on discord.  The process is also such a simple one to carry out as you can see in the text above and should not take you a long period of time.  

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