How Does Discord Make Money?

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how does discord make money

When discord was first released back in the year 2015, it was built purely as a place for gamers to converse about gaming and establish communities about the same.  However, those days are long gone, and discord has grown over the years to now a much bigger thing. In addition, this platform has grown over the years, attracting a population of over 140,000 active users.  These huge details might compel you to ask, how does discord make money.  

It is not in doubt that discord has so many followers spread on Xbox and PlayStation. However, if you have been using discord for any of its intended purposes, then chances are you have noticed something about it.  Normally, if you are using discord for playing games or even just chatting, then chances are you have noticed that you do not need to pay for these services.  

To many, everything on discord is free, which has begged questions from all the users.  Some keen and interested users have been asking the question, “how does discord make money?” True to this, there is still scanty information on how discord makes money.  

Is Discord Totally Free? 

There has been so much talk about discord across the globe with regards to whether it is free or not. So many people also searched on different forums like how does discord make money Reddit. Well, the truth of the matter is that the discord core application is totally free.  This means if you are a user, then you can create an account then login into it. Then, later on, chat in groups that are known as servers.  

Besides that, discord also offers you free voice calls features that all enhance discord’s functionality. With discord offering such a wide and diverse range of services, one might be compelled to ask how does discord make money.  Truly if other platforms of this kind make money from these avenues, then the question of how does discord make money becomes valid.  

How Does Discord Make Money Then?

It is right to note that discord started off in a pretty similar manner to other applications.  For instance, its freemium model offers applications for free then charges its users to access its premium features. Much as this is the case, recent years have seen a lot of diversifications in discord in its revenue streams.  This idea has been brought up with the idea of effectively padding down the discord bottom line.  

One example of such a case is the discord Nitro.  This is a paid subscription service that costs $9.99 a month. If not that, then there is the $99.99 yearly subscription.  If you are a paid user, you get access to a host of library games and a number of features, among them a personalized discord tag.  

Even though the discord Nitro features do not in any way increase the functionality of this platform, it has had other benefits to offer.  For instance, Nitro has been able to garner for itself such support from its loyal clients who have supported it monetarily. Here is some more information that will help you to find out “how much money does discord make.”

Does Discord Make Some Money Then? 

Yes, it is only that some people are not aware of it.  In fact, one of the reasons why discord has remained in business for this long has been because of its ability to make some money.  The above section of the discussion offers some sought of proof to this.  

Therefore, if you are asking the question, how does discord make money, then the above text helps answer that. Of course, it might be that discord does not make money in conventional ways as the other applications do. However, the truth of the matter remains that discord makes some money from their business activities.  

In the year 2018, discord launched a game store of its own.  This game store allowed and still allows its developers to sell their own games to players.  This has also been such a good source of income for discord. The company allows the sellers to keep up to 90% of the revenue accrued from this business.  

By providing a platform for this business, discord has been able to bring in tons of money from this business.  This has added so much to the business side of discord. The application has had a steady flow of financial income.  

The Merchandise And In Application Features 

This is also another one of the ways that discord uses to raise revenue.  Other than the premium functions as well as gaming sales, discord also offers its gamers to buy some cosmetics within this application.  Some of these cosmetics include sound packs and custom emojis, which raise money for this platform.  

These features do not in any way increase or enhance in any way the functionality of discord. But they are such a noble source of fun.  In fact, these features have actually provided such a proper way of spicing up the servers on this platform.  

Also, if you are a great fan of discord, you can also buy discord merchandise, including T-shirts, hats, socks, and even more. These sales also constitute some form of income to discord the company.  As the sales of this merchandise continue to grow, it is expected that the sales will grow up in the coming days.  

In a nutshell, discord comes with a number of ways that they use to make money. If you have been asking yourself how discord makes money, then this text presents the best answer.  You can find out for yourself why this is the case. Also, get to know how you can contribute to the income of discord.  


If you have been asking yourself how does discord make money, then the text above provides you with the best answer. From this text, you are going to find useful information. It will enable you to determine for yourself how all this happens.  

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