5 Reasons In Buddhism To Avoid Alcohol


Modern society is progressively accepting Buddhism. Collective acceptance is profoundly increasing across the globe.

The diversity of Buddhism and the adaptation of simplicity attract millions every year.

However, many argue whether alcohol in Buddhism is acceptable, frowned upon, or taboo.

Continue reading the facts that help you understand alcohol consumption according to Buddhist traditions.

What Is Buddhism?

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It is a global religion with a complex history and a simple set of belief systems. Buddhism was founded by the great Indian king Sidhartha Gautam.

The king lived an extravagant life throughout his childhood and early adulthood. However, the indulgence of a royal life could not trap the soul that craved to understand the universe.

The king soon renounced the kingdom and assumed the lifestyle of a monk, deprived himself of all worldly pleasures, and practiced meditation to understand the truth of human life.

In the latter half, Sidhartha promoted learnings across the country and encouraged people to live based on Buddhist principles.

Buddhist Principles

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The Buddhist principle revolves around four primary pillars of truth, also known as the four novels. They comprise the essence of Gautam Buddha’s teachings. They are plans that help you navigate human life suffering from birth to death.

First Truth: The presence of suffering in human life.

Second Truth: Acknowledges the facts that desire and ignorance are the cause of suffering. Desires refer to all the cravings (material or immaterial both). A desire can never be satisfied and hence leads to unwanted suffering. On the other hand, ignorance is not accepting the truth or the true nature of things, often due to clouded thinking, which leads to disaster.

Third Truth: The third truth explains the path to nirvana or spiritual growth by acknowledging the above two truths and thus renouncing all worldly pleasures to attain divine enlightenment.

Fourth Truth: The fourth highlights the eightfold plan to attain nirvana. It includes the Right Livelihood, Right Thought, Right Understanding, Right Speech, Right Concentration, Right Action, Right Effort, and Right Mindfulness.

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Does Buddhism Approve Alcohol?

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Once you understand the above basic principles of the Buddhist tradition, you know that to attain spiritual growth, one must free oneself from all worldly pleasures. Alcohol in Buddhism is a subject that confuses many.

However, one needs to understand that it is not a necessity of the human body. It does not benefit the human good in any way. It suppresses the nervous system resulting in poor choices or decisions that often lead to disaster.

5 Reason To Avoid Alcohol If You Follow Buddhism:

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  • Wealth: Alcohol leads to the loss of wealth. The money spent on purchasing alcohol can be utilized for the greater good or a better cause. It can help you and your family in crisis.
  • Relations: Alcohol destroys your relationship with family and friends. The cloudy judgment due to alcohol in your system often leads to unwanted quarreling, aggression, and fights which channel unnecessary drama in your life.
  • Illness: Excess alcohol suppresses your immunity. It also leads to the rapid degradation of vital organs, which can lead to life-threatening situations.
  • Reputation: An alcoholic person loses his reputation and accountability in society. Since the post-consumption of alcohol, people often lose control and engage in unnecessary activities that damage their relationships and social status. You may regret your actions and seek forgiveness, but more often, the damage caused is irreparable.
  • Insight: Intoxicants such as alcohol often make you unconscious and weaken your ability to think or process certain situations you encounter in life.

Wrap Up

Alcohol manifests raw emotions, lust, and aggression, often leading humans to spiral downward. Indeed, several Buddhists drink alcohol. However, the ones that believe in their faith refuse to do so.


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