Top Affordable Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution for MSP

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published on: 18 June 2024 last updated on: 19 June 2024
Top Affordable Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution for MSP

In 2024, one of the grave challenges faced by businesses worldwide is the danger of cybercriminals. This has left companies highly vulnerable to ineffective data and recovery plans, which is why backup and recovery solutions have become paramount. 

Hence, in the present digital setting, Managed Service Providers (MSPs) have become very popular. These MSPs ensure data security and business longevity amongst their customers. One of the main factors of these MSPs is having credible backup and disaster recovery (BDR) solutions. 

With the right BDR tools, your clients will have peace of mind knowing their data is in safe hands. In this article, we will explore the best and most affordable solutions tailored for MSPs. 

Understanding MSP and Its Challenges 

The very first question that comes to your mind is, what are MSPs? MSPs are agencies that provide different IT services in a B2B setting. Moreover, MSPs handle every security operation, from managing networks and cybersecurity to providing backup and disaster management solutions. 

These MSPs work on a subscription basis and deliver effective management solutions. They also ensure the smooth functioning of their client’s IT infrastructure while providing them with the best backup and disaster recovery solutions. 

Hence, you can outsource such business tasks to MSP agencies. They will help you manage the complexities of IT management while you focus on other operations of your business.  

Let’s look at some of the challenges faced by MSPs in the present digital age

MSPs must regularly and consistently monitor and update their defenses to safeguard vital client data. Moreover, even while maintaining and monitoring their defenses, they must be on the lookout for new threats. 

Furthermore, MSPs must ensure that the data is being stored immediately after a data loss. In this way, you can minimize downtime for clients. Moreover, MSPs must undertake a personalized approach to meet the needs of multiple clients. Let’s check out some of the best and most affordable MSP-partnered agencies. 


There is a reason why BDRSuite is at the top of the list. BDRSuite stands out in the sea of competition and offers affordable and comprehensive backup and disaster recovery solutions. The tool is built specifically for MSP Backup solutions, offering incredible flexibility and allowing tailored services for all clients. 

Amongst all the best features, affordability stands out as the most sought-after reason why clients love BDRSuite. It also offers a simple pay-as-you-go pricing plan, which helps clients to make payments in installments. 

BDRSuite is perfect for backing up any work, including physical, digital, SaaS, and cloud. You can easily store your backups locally, in BDRCloud or any other cloud to avoid any extra hassle. This hyper-focused management ensures multi-tenancy, WebServices API, PSA integration, and more to provide smooth operations. 

Moreover, BDRSuite focuses on training and support, providing 24/7 technical help, certification and training programs, and end-to-end support. 

Additionally, MSPs benefit from multiple marketing programs like free NFR licenses and comprehensive sales materials. Based on all these features, BDRSuite is considered to be the top tool for MSP, and it has affordable options.  


Veeam is a popular player in the field of BDR. Popular for offering tailored and comprehensive solutions for MSPs, Veeam’s solutions are significant for their data protection, high availability, and effective disaster recovery abilities for any work. 

Moreover, their tools are designed to incorporate with other platforms, including multi-cloud settings, virtual and physical. This ensures that the data is easily recoverable and always protected. 

What makes Veeam stand out is its user-friendly interface and flexible licensing options. Lastly, Veeam’s strong focus on cybersecurity allows the safeguarding the data against any ransomware, thereby protecting client data.


Altaro offers a strong backup tool for MSPs through a monthly subscription. The tool supports different assets, including Hyper-V, VMware, and other physical servers. Interestingly, these are all managed from a solo cloud-based console. 

Altaro is another great MSP-backed tool that has become very popular in the present age. It is trusted by businesses across the globe. Moreover, they have further received accolades from ITPRO and DCIG. 

Altaro provides simple solutions for backup management. Their features include easy and quick setup, scalability, and easy usability. The reliable nature of its performance and credibility makes it a great choice for MSPs that provide effective backup services for their clients. 


Formerly known as CloudBerry Lab, MSP360 is another strong player in the BDR field. Much like the other players, MSP360 provides a robust model to deal with any BDR challenges. 

Moreover, MSP360 offers a unified system allowing MSPs to effectively manage any backup process across diverse environments. MSP360 further offers varied storage options including Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and Amazon S3, as well as other local storage. 

This provides ultimate flexibility in managing data. Additionally, MSP360 is known for its affordability and diverse features, including compression, encryption, and backups. Such features ensure MSPs offer secure and reliable BDR services while boosting operational efficiency for all their clients. 


Another great MSP partnership is the Carbonite MSP one. The Carbonite MSP partnership offers effective backup with business longevity and disaster recovery solutions. 

However, MSPs take advantage of Carbonite in terms of using free marketing materials, NFR licenses, marketing development funds, and white-label abilities. 

Remember that entry-level Carbonite safes are not very reliable and only offer basic features. Clients need to request a tailored quote for their business plans. 

Carbonite’s tools include Carbonite Migrate, Carbonite Recover, and Carbonite Endpoint. They are designed to reduce downtime, promote seamless migrations, and protect endpoints. 

Moreover, such tools allow MSPs to provide strong BDR services that meet the needs of multiple clients.


Choosing the best backup and disaster recovery solution is vital for MSPs, which aim to produce the industry’s best services for their customers. 

Each of the above five solutions offers unique benefits and features specifically tailored to meet the needs of MSPs. 

Hence, by analyzing these solutions in terms of the specific requirements of other agencies, you can select the best BDR tool. Moreover, this will ensure your business and data are secure and that your company continues to thrive.

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