Motorcycle Accidents: Most Common Causes and What to Do If One Occurs

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Motorcycle Accidents

In the last decade, motorcycle accidents have grown tremendously in the U.S. With states like  Mississippi, South Carolina, Texas Florida, and Arizona topping the charts for most motorbike accidents in the U.S. 

So it’s natural for you to be curious about what causes so many motorcycle accidents on the road? Especially if you are new motorcycle owners you might want to learn about what to do to avoid accidents.

When it comes to motorbike accidents, you must also understand what steps you should take when you face such a situation. So here in this article we highlight what causes and factors contribute to motorcycle accidents.

You also get a guide on what steps to take in case of motorbike accidents. So let’s explore the vital information you need to navigate the complexities of motorcycle accidents and safeguard your safety on the road with the assistance of National Compensation Lawyers.

Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Some of the frequent causes of motorcycle accidents are car doors opening unexpectedly, speeding, alcohol and sudden turns.

Sudden Opening Of Car Doors

When you are riding a motorcycle and suddenly a car door opens unexpectedly. This leads to sudden and immediate impact of the motorcycle with the car door leading to a crash. So keep vigilant of your surroundings when riding a motorcycle.

To avoid this kind of motorcycle accidents, keep safe distance from other cars and be cautious in parking spots.


Another reason for motorcycle accidents is speeding. Any motorcycle enthusiast knows what it feels like to ride a motorcycle at top speed. With wind whipping on your face and the blurred surrounding as you become one with the vehicle. 

You can feel every curve and bump on the road but that’s what makes motorcycle accidents more fatal. As you are riding at speed you cannot immediately control your vehicle in case of sudden incidents on the road. This leads to accidents. 

So avoid speeding instead ride within a specific limit on the road to ensure your safety and others.


Intoxication is one of the major causes of motorcycle accidents. You might think that you are not drunk enough to not ride your motorcycle, but you would be wrong. With alcohol in your system your body functions slows down leading to losing awareness of your surroundings. This leads to accidents.

Avoid taking drugs or alcohol before riding any vehicle including motorcycles.

Sudden Turns

When you are taking sudden turns or curves on the road you must always honk and take slow turns. This will help you avoid accidents from oncoming traffic and slipping on the road. 

The most frequent motorcycle accidents take place during turning points which lead to collisions with other vehicles.

Again when you take sudden turns you might skid your motorcycle on the road and cause an accident. So stay attentive while riding a motorcycle to avoid accidents.

Bad Weather

Another common motorcycle accident is caused due to bad weather. When the weather is bad avoid riding your motorcycle as the roads might be damaged. The roads can be slippery as well that might cause accidents without any fault of yours.

Factors Contributing to Motorcycle Accidents

Factors Contributing to Motorcycle Accidents

The major contributing factors of motorcycle accidents are listed below.

Bad Weather

When the weather is bad it can cause visibility problems, slippery roads, and damage the roads. This will cause motorcycle accidents that are not even your own fault. So avoid riding your motorcycle in bad weather.

Bad Roads

Several motorcycle accidents are caused due to bad roads that have several potholes. Avoid riding on these kinds of roads or be cautious of your surroundings when riding on these roads.

Sudden Stops

When cars or any other vehicles suddenly stop on the road it causes your motorcycle to collide with it. This causes accidents which you can avoid when you are keeping some distance from other vehicles when riding a motorcycle.

Distracted Motorcyclists

Riders often make the mistake of getting distracted when riding a motorcycle this causes motorcycle accidents that can take a life. So when you are on your bike try concentrating on the road instead of other distractions. Being aware of your surroundings helps immensely when riding a motorcycle.


Driving under influence is a factor that has led to most motorcycle accidents in the last few decades. Avoid getting intoxicated and riding your motorcycle on the road that can cause you harm and others as well. 

Inexperienced Motorcyclists

When you are new to riding a motorcycle it can be challenging to hone riding skills especially with sudden turns. You need to be vigilant when riding a motorcycle so that you take left-turns and corner turns smoothly.

Try to wear protective gear when riding your motorcycle so that you can be protected against the worst injuries. Your head, knees, elbows and legs are the most prone to get injured when in a motorcycle accident.

You can avoid motorcycle accidents when you stay vigilant and wear proper protective gears when on a motorcycle.

What to Do After a Motorcycle Accident

If you are in a motorcycle accident then your first priority is to seek medical help. You can call an emergency number or ask help from bystanders to get in contact with a medical professional. Injuries sustained during motorcycle accidents can be severe and lead to several complications if you don’t get medical help on time. 

If you are fortunate enough to get little injuries after your motorcycle accidents still you must get checked. Sometimes injuries are internal and you don’t realize the extent of it until it’s too late. Following the accident contacting emergency medical services is the right course of action.

While you wait for the medical help you can gather important information like insurance details, vehicle number, contact details, etc.  This will help you get details about involved parties in the accidents and get right compensation for your sufferings.

If you are in a position to move physically then look for eyewitnesses to give a clear account of the accident to your lawyers. This helps immensely when you are trying to win your case against insurance companies.

Next go ahead and contact law enforcement to file a report. This will be essential for when you are claiming insurance and during legal procedures. You can also document the accident scene through videos or pictures to offer as valuable evidence to the law enforcement.

In case of legal proceedings seeking assistance from a motorcycle accident lawyer who is experienced in fighting these cases helps you a lot. You get to protect your rights and navigate the complexities of insurance claims and potential legal actions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Some questions that have been asked frequently online from different users about motorcycle accidents are listed below. You might have some of the same queries regarding motorcycle accidents so have a look at these questions.

How Can I Prevent Motorcycle Accidents in the First Place?

To prevent motorcycle accidents, stay vigilant. Watch for car doors, reckless driving, head-on collisions, and lane issues. Adapt to weather, avoid sudden stops, and focus on left-turn and corner-turn risks. Keep honing skills, stay alert, and prioritize safety.

To pursue a motorcycle accident claim, you must understand the legal requirements. You should gather evidence, report the incident, document damages, seek medical attention, and consult a lawyer promptly. These steps are essential in maneuvering the claims process effectively.

Can I Still File a Claim if I Was Partially at Fault?

You can still file a claim if you are partially at fault. But you must consult with a motorcycle accident lawyer to understand your options. These lawyers can access your situation and help you navigate the legal proceedings effectively.

Are There Specific Insurance Policies for Motorcycle Accidents?

Yes, there are specific insurance policies for motorcycle accidents. Essential and thorough coverage can protect your bike, while personal injury protection covers medical expenses. Underinsured/uninsured motorist coverage is vital for added protection. Review your policy details carefully.

What Should I Do if the At-Fault Party Is Uninsured or Underinsured?

You should consider filing a claim with your own insurance company under uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage whether you are at-fault or not. This way you ensure you get compensation or cover victims medical expenses and damages.


You must be mindful of the common causes of motorcycle accidents to avoid them when riding your motorcycle. Taking proactive steps to prevent motorcycle accidents is the best course of action you can take for your safety and others.

Ensure you are in sound mind and body when riding a motorcycle because motorcycle accidents are more fatal than car accidents. Since you are not protected from any sides while riding a motorcycle, it is more risky for motorcycle riders in a crash. 

If you are in an accident then contact National Compensation Lawyers who will protect your legal rights while ensuring your safety. You must prioritize your safety when enjoying riding on your motorcycle.

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