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how many people watch anime

There have been so many questions asked about anime, what it is and whether it is a real cartoon or not.  Some of these questions have been answered in the right way while some of them have not been.  However, this has not stopped the questions from coming up, they keep coming by every passing day.  

For instance, one of the questions that have been asked many times already now is how many people watch anime. There is a need to know this due to many reasons.  For instance, this information will help in gauging how popular anime is.  Other than that, this information will also help in other purposes like research and many others as well.  

That said, this text attempts to look at how many people watch anime. For those people who might still not know what anime is, the text will look at what anime is in the first place to give them a much better clue on the same.  If you have some questions in this regard then you will definitely be able to get answers in the end.  

What Is Anime? 

The best place to start with this discussion is by looking at what anime is first of all.  First, you need to note that anime is a term used to refer to Japanese animation.  This name is used in covering more serious topics than just ordinary cartoons that many people know about.  

In America for instance, cartoons are considered a form of entertainment, especially among children.  However, the case is different in Japan where people of all ages watch cartoons and not just any other cartoons but anime.  In fact, Japan does not want anime to be considered as a form of cartoon.

Why Do People Love Anime So Much? 

When the question of how many people watch anime comes up then there are a number of things one is trying to investigate. One it could be that someone is trying to gauge whether this cartoon is loved much or it is not.  In the case of anime though, it looks like this cartoon is loved so much out there.  

Why this, it is important to find out.  In the interest of the readers, this text takes a look at why many people love anime compared to ordinary cartoons.  It will also help you to understand the number of people who watch these cartoons judging from these reasons.  

They Look More Real Than The Ordinary Cartoons 

If you have been watching cartoons for some time now then you will agree that they do suck at some point. Given that they look so unreal makes them more of a kid’s thing than something that is for the adults.  However, this is not the case with the Anime, this type of cartoon has been watched by so many people because of how real it looks.  

In fact, a good number of people who ask how many people watch anime know that this kind of cartoon is so loved.  As such, it is watched by many people from across the globe.  The love for anime emanates from so many things this one being one of them.  

Anime Comes With Rich Stories 

One of the greatest drawbacks of normal cartoons is that they do not come with real stories.  In fact, much of what goes on in these cartoon programs is fiction and nothing short of it.  However, the case is a bit different with anime which appears to be based on some true stories.  

In fact, in many cases, the anime cartoons come with some real and rich stories which are so engaging. If you are someone who likes watching something that is much deeper than cartoons then you will definitely have fun watching these cartoons. 

You Get A More Connection To Characters

The characters in anime look so real which even makes it much easier for you to connect with them.  In the cartoons, the characters do not look that real which is why people find it hard to connect and identify with them. However, in the case of anime things are a bit different due to the fact that the characters in these cartoons look so real.  

They Come With A Wide Character Range 

This is also one of the reasons many people prefer to watch anime characters and not normal cartoons.  These cartoons come with a wide range of characters that you cannot find in other types of cartoons.  These characters make the cartoon more engaging and good to see compared to the others which do not have so many characters in them.  

How Many People Watch Anime?

Having looked at why people watch and even love to watch anime, it is now time to look at how many people watch anime. To answer this question right you need to first understand that anime hails from Japan.  As such, many of its followers are from Japan and some parts of Asia. 

However, the popularity of anime has been going up with every passing day and has spread to many counties across the world.  In America for instance, Anime gas gained some following for itself due to its unique features that other cartoons cannot provide.  

However, much as things are this way, anime has performed below expectations and this has been due to many factors.  For instance, it is claimed that anime was never advertised well in the United States of America.  This is why the cartoon was never watched that much in America as it was in other parts of the world.  

That said, it is not easy and possible to give an exact figure as per how many people have watched anime. However, comments about it suggest that it has been watched from across the globe.  It might not be that much in every country but anime has been watched across the globe.  


There have been some questions raised about anime.  For instance, questions drawn from some quarters ask how many people in the world watch anime. The answer to this question is dependent on so many things like a following of the same and many others.  The text above talks about anime, what it is, and how many people watch it.  

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