How to Choose a Church to Attend

How to Choose a Church

The number of people who consider themselves to be religious has been declining recently. However, around 70% of people still consider themselves to be some kind of Christian. That’s millions of people who lean on their church for strength or support.

That means there are also millions of people who have wondered how to choose a church at some point. A person’s church can be the way they meet new people, and it can be how they feel connected to a community. It can bring comfort when needed and challenge people when they need to be challenged.

A good church can boost a person’s life in ways that can’t be described. Keep reading below to learn how to find the best church for you!

Find a Church That Makes You Feel Welcome

When it comes to choosing a church, the most important part is finding one that makes you feel welcome. The church should be a place where you can go to feel connected with the people around you. The pastor, or simply the leader of the congregation, should craft sermons that mean something to you.

Most of the time, you can tell if a church is a good candidate after a single visit. You can tell by the topics the faith leader chooses to talk about and how the congregation reacts. You can also look up how people talk about the specific church online.

Don’t feel obligated to stay with any particular church if you aren’t absolutely comfortable staying in it. For example, if you identify as a member of the LGBTQ community, finding a good church can be especially challenging. Some can welcome you, while otherwise may condemn you.

The trick is to keep looking for a good church, even if the first few don’t work out.

The Best Church Furthers Your Relationship With God

Another key aspect of finding a good church is to ensure it furthers your relationship with God. Just like with any relationship, the way you think about your faith can alter with time. The church should both accept these changes while also challenging parts that need to be challenged.

So, if you start experiencing doubts of faith or if you disagree with a certain interpretation of the gospel, the church should engage you. It should never dismiss anything you bring to it — instead, the church should challenge you to think further about your faith.

Churches should help you ask questions about other parts of your life, and even ask you questions directly about yourself. These are ways of cultivating a deeper relationship with God and feeling more connected with your faith community.

Find a Community That Helps You Grow

The most important part of any church is the community behind it. The people that join you in the pews should be friends who have your side, no matter what. Though you may disagree on aspects of politics or the economy, you should always respect each other.

Sometimes, those kinds of communities are not found in person. More churches are moving to online services, connecting people around the world. That means you can visit churches from the comfort of home just by logging onto websites like

How to Choose a Church? Follow Your Heart

If you’re still wondering how to choose a church, the best advice is also the most obvious — follow your heart. If your faith is important enough for you to think critically about it, it is important for you to find a church that fits your needs. If a church feels off, then it is not in your best interests to stay with it.

There are tons to choose from, and you are bound to find one that aligns with your personality. And if you need more help navigating the complex aspects of faith, just keep reading our website!

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