War News: War Is Affecting Ukrainian Education The Most

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published on: 10 November 2023 last updated on: 12 November 2023
War News War Is Affecting Ukrainian Education The Most

The recent Russia-Ukraine war news is throwing light on the effects on education. Now that the Russian invasion is in full form in Ukraine, it is heavily impacting the educational sector of the country. Since the month of February 2023, there have been more than 3.790 educational facilities (schools, colleges, and universities) that have closed down. The gross GDP, which came from international students, is also declining as students migrate back to their respective countries.

‘Tanks On Playground,’ a 71-page war news report, talks about the destruction that was caused to kindergartens. These damages were among the four Ukrainian regions affected in the first month of the invasion.

Some damage was not intentional as it resulted from aerial damage causing the collapsing of walls and roofs and breaking the interior infrastructure. Once, schools are now a heap of debris. Invaders then pillage and loot within the debris of the school grounds, which is clearly a war crime.

“The international communities should take action against the looting and destruction the school has caused. Since the destruction of educational centers is directly affecting the future of millions of Ukranian students.” said the director of the Europe and Central Asia of Human Rights Watch, Hugh Williamson. (Source)

This destruction is not new for Ukrainian students because the school has been under attack for almost a decade now. The destruction began with Russia’s first invasion of Ukraine in 2014.

Now, after its attack in 2022, war news associates confirm that Russian soldiers are mercilessly using Ukrainian schools for military usage. Right after the COVID-19 pandemic, when Ukrainian student’s education faced so many problems, the war seemed to halt it.

Some have managed to move to other schools, migrate back to their own countries, or go for online education. However, there has been an erosion in the quality of education in such a disturbed area.

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