Climate Crisis Activists Convicted for Non-Violent Protests in Germany

2 Mins Read harsha sharma 30 Oct 2023
Climate Crisis Activists Convicted for Non-Violent Protests in Germany

Climate crisis activists all around the world are facing a tough time as government authorities stay divided on the challenging phenomena. Four activists from Scientist Rebellion have been sentenced yesterday in Germany following non-violent protests in October last year (Source: Euro News).

The members of the climate activist group participated in a three-day long action against the multinational investment company called “BlackRock.”  The action was also against the German government and the car manufacturer giants BMW. 

A judge at the Munich Regional Court convicted the activists yesterday. The activists hailed from the US, Spain,and Italy. They were convicted of criminal damage and trespassing, but a further charge of coercion was dropped.
The judge acknowledged the climate crisis as “the greatest challenge for humanity.” The judge considered that the activists’ aim was to call attention to the crisis, not to damage property. But the four activists were sentenced to fines totaling €1,680 each. If they don’t pay, they will be required to serve 105 days in prison (Source: Euro News).

One of the activists, Lorenzo Masini, shared that they were at a position where a “clear position” on the climate crisis had to be established.” This is the time,” said the Master of Science in Plant Biotechnology from Italy.

“The judge acknowledged the climate emergency, but still, he stated that he had to convict us for damaging private property, apparently valuing private property higher than life.”

The case was the first of several against sixteen members of the climate campaign group who took part in the three non-violent actions in October last year. 

These actions involved scientists with expertise ranging from environmental sciences to physics. The scientists were held in pre-trial detention for a week at Stadelheim Prison in Munich last year.

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