Israel compares the Gaza War to World War II Experts claim that it’s “justifying violence.” 

Deepanwita Dey News 26 December 2023 2 Mins Read
Israel compares the Gaza War to World War II

Netanyahu was forced to answer questions about the high number of Palestinian civilian casualties three weeks into Israel’s constant bombardment of the Gaza Strip.

Netanyahu, who had previously used the 9/11 attacks on the Pentagon and New York’s Twin Towers to justify Hamas ‘deadly attack last week on southern Israel, now turned again to history for a ready explanation.

The power-hungry Israeli prime minister referred to 1945 (he actually meant 1944) when an errant British air raid killed 86 people at a school in Copenhagen designed for children coping with poor eyesight. He told reporters it is not a war crime. Britain is not responsible for the terrorist act. That was a legal act of war, and such actions often have tragic consequences.

Since then, with all its talk of still pursuing errant Hamas fighters. After the widespread killings in Gaza, an Israeli state seeking to defend itself as an Allied army tried to bring down Nazi Germany and Japan during World War I1. They looked back at that campaign for something of a historical precedent.

Yet Tzipi Hotovely, Israel’s ambassador to the UK, has made allusions between Israeli bombing and Allied saturation aerial attacks on Dresden in 1945. That attack, which lasted for three nights and killed between 25,000 and 35,0o Germans, was done in an attempt to flush the Nazis out. Proponents of Israel not linked to any state have drawn similar parallels.

But these efforts divert attention from the fact that at least 500 towns and villages were leveled when Israel was established in 1948, with over half a million Palestinians chased off their land. The captured Palestinian territory continued to be occupied thereafter as well. It was these events that ultimately gave rise to the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Historians and analysts add that experts in the field also minimize just how World War II brought forth a new corpus of international law, portray Palestinians as mere carriers of plague or other diseases, and defend Israel’s more than half-century record of violence against them. Many rights organizations consider this military occupation to be another form of apartheid.

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