UN President Calls Xi Jinping ‘Dictator’ Amidst Some Of The Most Productive Conversation

2 Mins Read Deepanwita Dey 17 Nov 2023
UN President Calls XI Jinping A ‘Dictator’ For Taiwan Advancement

The meeting between American President Joe Biden and Xi Jinping took a different turn when the US president addressed Jinping as a dictator again. This is the second time that the Republic of China’s president heard such comments from Biden.

It happened hours after the two met after more than a year and held an effective discussion.

In his interview with the reporters, he changed his sentiments about the word slightly from his last time. To begin with, it was his remark about China’s relentless pursuit of Taiwan. To which an enraged China took an aggressive stance towards making the island part of their own.

Biden has called the Chinese president a dictator, comparing him to previous individuals with the same synonym. However, when it comes to his recent comment, he mentions, “I mean, he’s a dictator in the way that he is the guy who runs a country that is a communist country. So, it’s based on a form of government which is totally different from ours.”

However, when it comes to China’s reaction, we could be expecting some hostility from Chinese delegates since Xi Jinping already called the comment, ‘irresponsible and extremely absurd.’

Although Biden, in his APEC summit, said that even though the two sides are still as far apart as ever on Taiwan, the democratic island claimed by China that the US supports, Biden said that China and the US now commit to diplomacy to avoid “surprises or bad misunderstandings.” (Source)

“A stable relationship between two such big economies of the world is very important. Not just for the two countries, but also the world.”The positive vibes from the meeting, which Biden had earlier in the news conference described as “some of the farthest productive discussions we’ve had,” could potentially be derailed by Biden’s remark.

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