Moscow Comes In Russia’s Defence As Western Countries Talks About Its Many Cases Of Human Rights Violation

2 Mins Read Deepanwita Dey 14 Nov 2023
human rights violation

Russia came under regular review by the UN. Western countries are calling out Russia to put an end to their domestic repression and end the Russia-Ukraine war. Certain human rights violations on Russia’s part are also catching the eye in these discussions.

However, some delegates have also come forth to say Russia has the right to impose laws that prevent protests to maintain law and order in the country. Among these delegates are State Andrei Loginov, Secretary & Deputy Justice Minister of Moscow. He also adds that Russia’s special military force, which is set in Ukraine, is not directly involved with the issue.

In the Universal periodic review at Geneva with all members of the UN, these issues were raised. This is where Russia came under a blanket of scrutiny from every delegate after Vladimir Putin ordered an unexpected invasion on the Ukraine grounds.

To the point that the UN set up two bodies were set up to investigate human rights violations carried out by Russian bodies in Ukraine and domestically.

There was a denouncement of a few activities carried out by Russia. The Western countries asked the UN to take strict action to stop the arrest of rights defenders like Vladimir Kara-Murza and Alexei Navalny, Ukrainian children, and Russia’s oppression of civilians.

“Where does the beginning lie? Since the previous UPR, Russia’s domestic repression has heightened, allowing for its suppression abroad, including the ongoing atrocities in Ukraine,” expressed the British ambassador in Geneva. (Source)

However, numerous nations, especially Moscow’s supporters and those in the developing world, praised Russia for its claimed accomplishments, particularly in safeguarding the rights of disabled individuals. While emphasizing our country’s successes in human rights, Loginov acknowledged the challenges faced and how Russia is dealing with it all better with their laws imposed.

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