CBD Muscle Balm for Athletes: How It Can Help with Recovery and Performance? 

published on: 15 March 2023 last updated on: 19 June 2023
CBD Muscle Balm for Athletes

Athletes are exposed to so much physical trauma on their bodies as almost all sports – including non-contact ones – will always result in the wear and tear of the most utilized joints and parts. Any good program will emphasize rest, as during this time, the body heals in preparation for some more tearing. That’s just the life of an athlete.

Can CBD be detected in urine tests – expound on this. We may want to pause here and think about this product. CBD is still categorized as a drug by the feds, so its use is limited. This article expounds on the place of cannabidiol in sports and why those that use the balm prefer it to generic pain medication.

What Is The Legal Stand On Cannabis For Competing Athletes?

Legal Stand On Cannabis For Competing Athletes

The World Anti-Doping Agency – WADA – changed things in 2018 by removing CBD from its list of prohibited drugs. The US Anti-Doping Agency – USADA – followed suit, but one thing stood out: the only exemption was on cannabidiol, and not THC, natural, or synthetic cannabinoids that mimic the effects of THC. USADA has a reasonably high THC threshold of 150 nanograms per milliliter to consider the consumption of CBD products days before competitions. Anything above this will show in the urine report, and the athlete will violate the organization’s code of ethics.

It is worth noting that THC stays in the system for quite some time, depending on the product, one’s metabolism and body size, and mislabeling. If you are a competing athlete, you want to find a legitimate source for your stash to avoid adulterated products that could lead to a positive test.

The bottom line on using CBD products in competitive athletics is now clearer than ever – you are free to use cannabidiol in competition and products that will result in less than 150ng/mL during a urine test. Baseball has been the exemption to the rule for the longest time as it has never been too strict on the use of CBD, but the rest of the sports have clear thresholds.

Does Muscle Balm Work On Pain Or Recovery?

After a workout – whether at the gym or out in the field when competing – the body suffers all these tears that it can easily repair with the right tools and time. Applying this balm involves rubbing down the sore or injured areas, and sending blood and oxygen to speed up healing. The CBD in these topicals penetrates the skin to deliver relief to the specific areas that need relief, which is why balms are great for localized pain.

Recovery is essential to an athlete’s life, and CBD can help here. Some players are also working out how to use CBD balm for sleep, and it’s quite simple. Topical balms made for sleep with the right strains are applied to the body just as you would lotion to allow better, uninterrupted sleep. If you get it from a certified dealer who labels the strains correctly, you should not have any issues with the sports authorities, as pure CBD is now allowed.

Why CBD Is The Better Option For Pain Relief In The Sports Fraternity

CBD Is The Better Option For Pain Relief 

Here are some reasons sporting personalities prefer CBD to conventional medicine.

Safer Alternative – For the longest time, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs – NSAIDs – have been the go-to for most athletes, but their safety is now in question. If a user is on them for long, they may risk heart attacks and strokes, so there is a need for a safer alternative. CBD and THC offer relief and are naturally extracted from plants, so they are the alternative one would look for in the long term.

Good for DOMS – Almost every person involved in strenuous exercises will complain of Delayed Onset Muscle Syndrome and soreness, and CBD is effective for relieving this pain. Players can lather it all over the body before a strenuous workout to counter any foreseeable soreness.

Could Reduce Muscle Loss – If you are concerned about muscle loss, you may be excited to know that CBD counters this by binding to the body’s endocannabinoid receptors and actively acting as an anti-catabolic. Less muscle loss is good for physical growth.


Athletes will benefit from CBD in competition and while on break, and they can use THC within the set thresholds to deal better with pain from aggressive workouts and sports. While resting, an active person may also be healing some minor injuries or soreness that a good CBD muscle balm will take care of effectively. Topical application of muscle balm immediately relieves the affected area and will not affect any tests as CBD is allowed by the authorities. You want to remember to only buy from certified sources and use it as advised by your budtender or doctor.


Q: How Does CBD Balm Work? 

A: When applied to an area that needs relief, the CBD penetrates the skin and gets into the endocannabinoid system through the receptors. Pain relief comes a few minutes after application and one may need to reapply for continued relief.

Q: Which Is The Best CBD Balm For Inflammation? 

A: It’s quite hard to point at one product out of the many on the market, but users have continually rated Avid Hemp products highly. When buying a CBD balm for pain relief, look out for the contents, as apart from the CBD, a good product should incorporate anti-inflammatory additions like lavender, sandalwood, and eucalyptus.

Q: How long does it take to feel relief when using a CBD balm for pain?

How long does it take to feel relief when using a CBD balm for pain?

A: It depends on your chosen product, metabolism, and body weight. Some people feel relief in only 10 minutes of application, while others may wait longer, but not over 40 minutes, to feel the benefits.

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