How Do You Write A One Page Plan For A Business?- 2022 Guide

published on: 09 March 2022 last updated on: 23 May 2022
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Writing one of those conventional monotonous business strategies can honestly be quite painstaking, and that is precisely why I am here to tell you how to write a one-page business plan. It’s 2022, and people love minimalism, especially when it’s visually pleasing and concise. So why not declutter your plans and strategies?

So I have decided to cover the following areas and help you write a killer business plan that will need just a single page. It will only take you five minutes. 

  1. What is a one page business plan?
  2. Why it’s better than a conventional plan?
  3. How to write one and whether you need a one page business plan template

Sounds unbelievable, right? But it’s not! So without wasting any more time, let’s just dive in!

About One-Page Business Plans: What Are These And Why Are They Better?

One-page business plans are exactly what you need for rocking a pitch meeting with investors. Scroll down and find out more about writing one!

What Is A One-page Business Plan?

I would often wonder what is a one-page business plan called before realizing it’s quite a similar business pitch. The best part of writing a plan within a page is that it saves a lot of time, simplifying the entire process. In case you are wondering why to write a one-page business plan, we will tell you why!

Do you know when you are at those early stages of planning a business pitch? Yes, that is precisely the time these one-page plans come in handy. It acts as an excellent structure for your thoughts and ideas – you can brainstorm with partners and fellow employees before taking any decision depending on your one-page plan.

Simply put, your one-page business plan must talk about the following pointers,

  1. Who is your target audience?
  2. What are the customer pain points?
  3. How can your plan be a solution to these pain points?
  4. Who is your competition?
  5. How can you be different from the other brands in your industry?
  6. Who are your teammates or collaborators?
  7. How will you profit financially?
  8. What is your investment budget or rather anticipated costs?

Thus, it’s evident that any one-page business plan example would contain everything that an ordinary plan would include. The difference? A one-page plan is more precise and presented in a condensed format.

Why Are One-Page Business Plans Better Than Traditional Plans?

When you learn the benefits of a one-page business plan, you might not like those traditional plans so much! Here’s why these one-page plans are so much better.

  1. While planning your business, it’s only normal that you might get lost in your dreams and forget the reality for a while. So, it’s better to stick to a plan so that you can condense all your ideas and put them together in a concise structure. 
  1. When you have just a single page for writing a plan, you will automatically feel motivated to cut all the unnecessary beautification and just focus on the main points – the bigger picture out there. 
  1. A one-page business plan will also help you understand the external and internal factors within your business structure. This, in turn, will help you form a business model based on well-structured observations and plot points. 

How Do You Write A One Page Plan For A Business?

Now that you have some idea about a one-page business plan stop looking for an ‘editable one-page business plan template word’ on Google repeatedly. Instead, keep scrolling and find out how to pick a template and write a killer one-page plan for your business in 2022!

🢆 Pick A Template:

If you are good at graphic designing, then you can simply design your one-page business plan minimally, or you can skip this step if you are not so keen on designing. However, for the ones looking forward to finding the perfect one-page business plan template pdf. You can look in the following places for a template,

  • Idea Plan
  • Business model Canvas
  • Lean Canvas

These sites will give you access to several templates for your one-page plan, and these are all ready-made. Sounds pretty good to me! Now don’t expect all the features to be free, but for beginners looking for a minimalist template, several free ones are easily available. 

🢆 Form Sections:

This is perhaps the most important aspect of your one-page business plan, and this is one step you absolutely cannot skip. I have mentioned all the crucial sections that you need to include below. 

  • Market Requirements – The business plan must start with the immediate market requirements. Your plan will aim to provide a solution to some specific pain points. Thus, you must outline the problems and needs of the market. 
  • Solution – The moment you are done highlighting the problem, you need to talk about the solution. If your product or service is the solution, then bring them right in. 
  • Competing Businesses – The world is not as ideal as you think, and someone else must be trying to come up with a solution too. So, it’s best to find out who is your direct as well indirect competition. 
  • Target Audience – Your business is over without your target audience. You need to find out who your audience is, what their troubles are, and where they are located. These are all factors that will help your sales and marketing boost. 
  • Marketing And Sales – Knowing who your audience is is simply not enough. You have to market your product or service to them accurately. This will help you boost sales. Without marketing, there are no sales, and without sales, there’s no business.
  • Budget – The last vital thing that you must include in your one-page business plan is the budget. Overhead costs and marketing budgets are absolutely mandatory investments that you can’t avoid. 

🢆 Write The Plan:

Once you have picked a crazy visually-appealing template figured out all the sections, all you need to do is simply put it all together and write the plan in an organized manner. For instance, let’s assume you are writing a business plan for a non-profit organization

So you will naturally look for ‘where can I find a copy of the one-page business plan for non-profit organizations online’ on Google. But that won’t help you. The ideal way to go about this is to pick the template, form the sections, put it all together and finally write the one-page business plan. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How Do You Write A Business Plan For One Page?

You can write a one-page business plan by following the steps mentioned below,
• Choose a template
• Create all the sections 
• Put it all together, and
• Write the plan

2. How Do You Write A Simple Business Plan?

A simple business plan must include the following points,

• Problem 
• Solution
• Competition
• Target audience
• Budget
• Marketing
• Sales

3. What Is A One-Page Business Plan Called?

A one-page business plan is also known as a business pitch. Business pitches are usually shorter than proposals. Pitches mostly highlight business goals, pain points, and the proposed solution.

Wrapping Up:

Writing a one-page business plan is pretty easy and hardly takes any time. Once you get habituated with writing these business plans, you will notice how convenient these are especially compared to those age-old traditional plans that would take up nearly two presentations. So why waste time on these time-consuming methods?

Switch to a quicker pace by opting for templates and concise plans. There are several software alternatives available on the web which will help you write a killer plan and eventually launch a successful business!

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