8 Striking Mac Productivity Tips for Designing Professionals

Sumona Technology 07 March 2022 4 Mins Read
Mac Productivity

Due to the sleek appearance, impressive design, intuitive interface, and high-end performance, MacBooks are one of the first preferences of professional designers who want to work and make money.

If you also consider buying a MacBook for creating digital designs, you must learn several tips and timesavers to ensure better performance and efficiency.

8 Tips of Mac Productivity For Designing Professionals:

1. Clear Clutter & Delete Unwanted Data

Cleaning up the disk space is an important factor that you need to keep in mind to retrieve the most from your device. Try to get rid of cache files, temporary files, junk files at regular intervals. Make sure to organize the folders, subfolders, and files stored within.

It will prevent you from clicking and browsing all the folders when searching for a particular project or design. It will also reduce the risk of slow performance and avoid unwanted deletion of crucial information.

2. Use Keyboard Shortcuts

Use Keyboard Shortcuts

You should understand the importance of using keyboard shortcuts for smart and quick performance. Shortcut keys will enable you to open a project or a graphics design application quickly without having to navigate to multiple locations or folders. Reopen previously used tabs, delete unwanted designs, capture multiple snapshots, or grab a text by becoming handy with smart shortcuts.

3. Use a Second Display

For making the designing job swift, smooth, and easy, you may opt for a second display. You may not be able to optimize the graphics designs properly on a small screen. A big screen helps you to avoid discomfort, giving you an opportunity to fine-tune your digital designs by emphasizing more on every single detail.

Getting a big external monitor or an iPad to utilize the Sidecar feature are the options you can choose one as per your requirements. Make sure to buy an extended display with high definition image quality.

4. Learn to resolve Scratch Disc Error

4. Learn to resolve Scratch Disc Error

Scratch disc is the virtual memory and a useful feature for designers that allows saving temporary project files if there is not enough RAM space. Temporary junk files created by Photoshop are saved in the scratch disc consuming space and resources.

They must be cleaned up from time to time to free up the relevant space. MacBooks do not have too much space to save files generated by multiple projects. Therefore, before you face the scratch disk error, you must clean up your drive for better performance.

5. Set Your Workstation at a Comfortable Place

If you are a MacBook user and want to switch your workplace then, it is really easy due to the light MacBook you are using. You are not bound to sit in a particular place and work continuously without moving or switching space. Particularly, if you are working from home, your work setup will affect your productivity greatly.

Being a graphic designer means thinking creatively almost all the time to let the ideas flow consistently. Even simple things, such as editing an image for a blog can take a lot of time and effort. So, select your workspace carefully and deliberately.

6. Speed up Your Computer

6. Speed up Your Computer

If you are working on your computer for long hours, obviously, it will turn old, and you may start confronting overheating issues.

To avoid such problems, you need to take good care of your device. So, remove all the dust from inside and outside of your computer and keep a check on redundant applications running in the background. Also, make sure that your computer is not accumulating clutter on the desktop. Additionally, see if the system is secure and protected against malware or cyber-attacks.

In case you are still not satisfied with the performance, you can find a few tips here for even more information on how to deal with the speed issues on a MacBook.

7. Keep All the Distractions Away

Some pop-up notifications and apps are there to disturb you. It distracts you from your work and degrades your productivity levels. You can disable such unwanted notifications and delete these apps by following appropriate procedures based on the operating system you are working on.

Pro tip: Limit the use of social platforms while you are at work, as these channels won’t let you focus on your tasks.

8. Update Your Apps and OS

8. Update Your Apps and OS

Try to keep your apps and operating system up-to-date for better performance. It also helps to keep the system free from security threats. The majority of software updates and upgrades come with security patches that protect your device and its data from cyberattacks. You can install the latest updates from the manufacturer’s site and download them on your computer at your convenience.


For sure, the tips mentioned in this article are surely going to assist you in maintaining the health of your computer and optimizing it for more efficient designing tasks. Make sure to follow and repeat these tips for optimal output and improved performance.

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