How Can Your Business Benefit From Video Without Making One Yourself?

published on: 26 November 2021 last updated on: 23 May 2022
How Can Your Business Benefit From Video Without Making One Yourself

Question: How Can Your Business Benefit From Video Without Making One Yourself?

Option 1: Advertising on other people’s videos. ✅

Option 2: Commenting on other people’s videos. ❌

Option 3: Sharing other people’s videos. ❌

Option 4: Interacting with other people’s videos. ❌

Final Answer: Option 1. 

How Can Your Business Benefit From Video Without Making One Yourself?-The Explanation

Do you know how can your business benefit from video without making one yourself? Well, you can always advertise on other people’s videos and gain benefits from it. Now, you may have to own the copyright to the video or have legal authorization to advertise with it. But, if you give your content to another channel for them to promote, they won’t own its copyright claims. 

You may have already found out that companies that spend more money, and time on video marketing, witness a 86% increase in website traffic. Even 83% of marketers reported that video content had increased the average audience spending time on websites. Video marketing simply means using videos to tell people about your product. 

So, it’s pretty natural that people will be more attracted to video content than static blog posts or images. But, advertising on other people’s videos is less time-consuming yet more effective. If you have chosen a YouTuber with more than 1 million subscribers, it increases your chance of reaching so many audiences when you didn’t even have the scope to get half of them.

It will work like affiliate marketing. So if your affiliate marketer has a talent for gathering audience attention, you may make the right choice by advertising on their videos. Just find out the key strategy for distributing your video content, and you are good to go.

How Is Video Marketing Beneficial To Your Business?

Video content provides a safe haven for an online audience to get ample information without going through the abundant textual details. Video marketing offers the audience a versatile, shareable, and appealing tool to reach an online audience. So, let’s find out what benefits it provides to us;

It Engages Your Audience

Video content is highly pleasing to one’s eyes, and they are pretty captivating. If your video content is engaging, it keeps customers one click away to share and embed in that content. Forbes research report has shown that people devote 2.6 times more time to those channels with videos than the channels without them.

You can check Red Bull’s videos as they are pretty captivating and engaging for the audience. So, you can draw inspiration from them. However, there is another way to make your video content engaging: adding a call-to-action at the end. You should also use simple language in the video so that a wide range of audiences can comprehend it easily.

It Conveys Your Message Clearly

So, how does that old saying go, ‘A picture’s worth a thousand words.’ If that’s the case, then a video is probably worth a million words. The Forrester Research report shows that 95% of people remember what they see in a video, but only 10% remember what they read in text-based content.

If you want your customers to understand a complex message, there is no better way to show it than video content. The combination of moving images with text-based content helps you deliver a strong message to customers. It is also a great medium when it comes to introducing a new product in the market. 

It Attracts Smartphone Users

More than 90% of customers are inclined to watch videos on their phones. We know that it is not a surprise to you because, with your busy lives, it’s natural for you to watch a video on the go. So, if smartphone users increase every day, that should come as good news to video marketers.

Even a Google Research report has shown us that smartphone users are 1.4 times more likely to watch videos on their phones than TV or PCs. Therefore, video content has a much larger market for mobile users. Moreover, even people who watch videos on phones have an increased likelihood of sharing it too.

It Increases ROI

Why are you marketing your products? Why are you investing money in your promotional campaigns? You should have a simple motto: to increase your return on investment with the marketing efforts. Now, video content has the highest probability of increasing ROI, which is why so many companies are choosing it nowadays.

The Wyzowl 2020 report shows that 89% of marketers believe video content leads to a positive ROI. It may be time-consuming and expensive, but if it pays off in the long run, why not take the risk right? If you start with some informative videos, you’ll have a chance of attracting a 95% audience in the process.

It Boosts Up Your Sales Conversion

If you find out some ways to help your videos appear in search results, it will surely boost your sales conversion. Almost 74% of people claimed that they purchased a product after watching a video. Even 77% of customers also said they were convinced to buy a product after watching it in a video.

So, there you go, video content can help your marketing initiatives in numerous ways. So, these are certainly a type of content that you should be more interested in investing in. Even the most popular search engine, Google, also adores videos. You’ll have a 53% more chance to appear on the search results if your site contains an SEO-optimized video.

Putting It All Together

How can your business benefit from video without making one yourself? We have already answered this question, right? On top of that, we have also shed light on the different aspects of video marketing and how it can benefit us. We think it’s pretty time-saving, less expensive, and more productive if you advertise your video on others’ channels. So, if you have any further queries on that, you can let us know in the comment section below.

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