Israel: Gaza Uses Hunger as a Tool of War  

Deepanwita Dey News 19 December 2023 2 Mins Read
Gaza Uses Hunger as a Weapon in Israel

Today, Human Rights Watch ruled that the Israeli government’s policy of starving civilians and increasing world hunger in occupied Gaza is a war crime. Moreover, the Israeli forces deliberately are interfering with supplies of fuel and water as well as obstructing convoys carrying essential humanitarian aid lacking these items.

Since the attack on Israel by Hamas-led fighters began on October 7, high Israeli officials like Defense Minister Yoav Gallant and National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir have already made public statements to that effect.

Energy ministers such as Israel Katz have pulled Gaza off of its natural gas lines and refuse all negotiations with it. These remarks are a policy pursued by the Israeli armed forces. Other Israeli officials have publicly announced humanitarian aid to Gaza.

Between November 24 and December 5, Human Rights Watch interviewed eleven Palestinians displaced inside Gaza. They discussed how hard it was for them to meet their needs, especially when it came to proper meals, which majorly add to the world’s hunger rate and food security.

In northern Gaza, the former residents say the situation was quite hopeless. One says to me with mixed feelings of anxiety and anger in his voice; We had nothing food and no electricity or internet even! How we survived is a mystery.”

 The Rate Of Starvation Is Extreme  

Those interviewed in southern Gaza reported a shortage of drinkable water, empty shops, and long lines owing to food scarcity and extremely high prices. One father of two children says, “You are forever searching for things needed to stay alive.”(Source) In northern Gaza, there aren’t less than 9 out of every ten households that still don’t have even one proper meal a day; in southern Gaza, it’s worse–2 or even more people starving out of three ordinary families.” A report issued on December 6 by the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) states that at least one full day and night passed without food or water had gone by.

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