Most Americans, ages 18 to 24, believe that Israel should “be ended and given to Hamas” 

Deepanwita Dey News 18 December 2023 2 Mins Read
Most Americans, ages 18 to 24, believe that Israel should _be ended and given to Hamas_

A poll taken for Harvard-Harris this week found that 51 % of Americans aged between 18 and 24 think the Israel-Palestinian conflict can only be resolved by ending “the existence of an Israeli state.

Those raising this point noted that voters in that age group appeared to have mixed feelings about quite a few issues. For instance, an even greater proportion–58 % of this group thought Hamas should be chucked from Gaza.

The survey indicates that 66 % of those in the 18–24 age group view as genocide Hamas’s October 7 massacre. But 60 % of the people responding think that attacks were justified in response to Palestinian complaints, and so express support for genocide against Israelis. (Source)

On the other hand, only 4 % of Americans over age 65 wish to see Israel destroyed. Among those under age 25, that percentage rises to a whopping one-third and is still more than two in ten for each successive older group–31 % at ages twenty-five through thirty four (there are no comparable data available on how many forty-five -year

But 81 percent of Americans support Israel in general terms. But for the 18–24 age group, it’s evenly split on both sides regarding support.

Sen. Roger Marshall (R-Kansas) said to The Post, “These people should be a warning because they belong in the camp backing evil over democracy. Due to ideological decline, young Americans have been corrupted by victim culture and wokeness until now are siding with real terrorists who hate America against our country.”

Alumni and donors, as well as Republican opponents of the universities ‘candid answers, invited criticism that university administrators are not doing enough to protect Jewish students on their campuses. The two have stuck to their places, but Penn’s president, Liz Magill, stepped down in light of the negative feedback.

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