How To Transfer Ownership On Discord Server – Quick And Easy Way

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published on: 24 October 2021 last updated on: 28 December 2023
How to transfer ownership on discord

If you set up your discord server then your task is very easy. You might not really have a large number of users to moderate. Instead, you can choose to host some of your own together. However, as you seek to build a much larger community this might change, prompting you to look for a way on how to transfer ownership on discord.

In fact, a good number of discord users are seeking ways they can use when they want to know how to transfer ownership on discord. The essence of carrying out this process is so pronounced in many places to many people which makes it essential to know how to carry out this process.  

If you are one of the people who have always wanted to know how to carry out this process then this is the right text for you to read. From the text, you are going to find the right procedure which you can use to transfer ownership on discord when you need to.  

What Is The Reason Behind Discord Transfer Ownership?

Sometimes you might feel the need to get rid of your discord server. If you are tired of this responsibility and you would like to drop it then there are some ways which you can use to do this. For instance, you can learn how to transfer ownership on a discord server. All you need to do in this case is make a transfer of the discord servers to other users.  

When you do this then you give the other users the ability to take full control of the server and even edit when you need to. Being this way makes it much easier to moderate the server in the days to come if that is what you need.  

However, you need to know that by this means, you will not have any direct control over your server. For instance, if you choose to make the other users administrators in the afterward then you will only be able to do so if you are granted access.

Other than that, you will not even be able to delete the server in the coming days. It is only the new server manager that will be at liberty to do so and not you which in some ways deprives you of some powers and ability.  

How To Transfer Ownership On Discord Server In Mac, And Windows 10?

Having looked at all the above details, it is now time to look at how to transfer ownership on discord server. But, firstly it is essential to note that it is possible to carry out this process if you are wondering whether this is really the case or not.  

Step 1

Go to your discord application then open it. Once you have logged in, select the name of your server which is located in the top left. Once you are here, move ahead and press the server settings option which you can easily see.

Step 2

Once you are on the server settings menu press on the member’s option which is right on the left and is listed under the user management.

Step 3

In the next menu which appears you will be able to see a long list of server members. From here, hover over to the user you wish to transfer ownership of your discord server to. Once you have found this person, press the three dots located on the right. From the drop-down menu which appears, move ahead and press on the transfer ownership option which you can easily see. 

Step 4

Once you have done that, discord will move ahead and ask you to transfer the ownership of your discord server. If you are sure you wish to move ahead with this operation, move ahead and click on the transfer ownership button to confirm this operation.

Step 5

Once you have confirmed the transfer of the ownership, the new owner will then be listed in the member’s list of discord. When you check your discord you will be able to see the new discord member with a crown next to them.

As to whether you are going to have more access to your server that is going to depend on the kind of roles you had prior to you transferring your ownership.  The good thing though is that you can still access your server.

How To Transfer Server Ownership Discord On Chromebook?

When you wonder how to take over a discord server, let us tell you that many people don’t know whether it is possible to carry out this process or not. However, the truth is that it is very much possible to carry out this process. In fact, for anyone looking for a way on how to transfer ownership on discord server on Chromebook, we have some steps for you to follow;

Step 1

Use Proper credentials to log into your Discord account. Make sure you log into it from the official site.

Step 2

Once you log into the site, you’ll see an ‘open discord’ tab on your browser. Tap into that, and you will see a QR code appearing on your screen.

Step 3

Now, take your smartphone, and open the discord app on it. Head to the bottom right side of the app, and you will see a profile icon there. Just tap on that.

Step 4

A list will appear in front of you. Scroll down a little, and you will see the ‘scan QR Code’ option there. It will help you scan the QR code on your computer with your phone’s camera.

Step 5

You will see a popup on your computer to confirm if you trust the person or not. Just tick the checkbox, and follow the steps you did on Mac to carry on the discord transfer server ownership process.

How To Transfer Ownership Of A Discord Server On Android, or iOS?

You only need to do some things right and that will be it for you. So, if you are stuck on the ‘discord how to transfer ownership’ problem, this text will outline the process you can use to carry out this process successfully. So, let’s find out how to transfer ownership on discord on Android, and iOS devices.

Step 1

Use the correct credentials to log into your Discord account on your phone.

Step 2

To continue with discord transfer server ownership, navigate to the left corner. From the list, select a particular server, where you want to transfer the ownership.

Step 3

Now, swipe left, and let the channel list pop up on your screen. On top of the screen, next to the server’s name, press the three-dotted icon.

Step 4

Now, tap on the settings tab, and select the user-management section.

Step 5

Now, select the member’s option from the list, and press the name to whom you want to transfer the ownership. Press the transfer ownership button.

Step 6

A confirmation pop-up will probably appear on the screen. So, tick that checkbox if you want to know how to give someone owner on discord.

Can You Get Back Your Server After The Transfer Of Ownership?

This is also another one of the questions people have been asking apart from how to transfer ownership on a discord server. Well, it is not possible to get your transfer back if you wish to carry out this process. However, if you ask the person you transferred your account to help you get it back then if you need it.  


We have already mentioned here a few ways on how to transfer ownership on discord. But, if you have some questions left, you can take a look at this FAQ section.

1. What Does It Mean To Transfer Ownership On Discord?

Ans: On discord, you can leave your server, and transfer the ownership of that server to someone else. Some people want their server to be well taken care of even after they are not in charge of it. Even after you transfer ownership discord, you will be a member of that server.

2. Can You Transfer Ownership Of A Discord DM?

Ans: Yes, you can transfer ownership of a discord DM. Once you do that, you will allow the user access to group DMs. It will also allow the person to add new members, or kick out other members while normal users can’t add their friends.

3. Can A Discord Server Have Two Owners?

Ans: When you set up a discord server, you will have the option to add co-owners. So, a discord server can have more than two owners. It can have up to 4 owners. So, if you want to add more than one owner while setting up the server, you can do that.

4. Are there any special requirements for the transfer of ownership on Discord?

Ans. The member getting ownership has to have the “Administrator” permission to ensure that he can manage the server properly.

5. Is it possible for ownership to pass to several people at once? 

Ans. Not at all, on Discord, ownership may only pass to one member at a time. If necessary, give administrative rights to several persons.

6. What about roles and permissions when transferring ownership? 

Ans. The roles and permissions of the old owner are inherited by the new owner. Once the transfer has been carried out, roles should be reviewed and if necessary readjusted.

7. After the transfer of rights, can the current owner still use the server? 

Ans. Yes, the previous owner is still a member with existing assignments. They can still play in the server but lose their administrative powers.

8. Does Discord have a cool-down period for transferring ownership? 

Ans. No, Discord doesn’t have a cooldown for changing ownership. But, of course, when there are transfers between servers, make sure they are responsible and thorough.

9. How should I proceed, transferring ownership to someone else?

Ans. Transfer ownership only after communicating with the new owner to let them know what they are responsible for, and have a plan B in case bad things happen.

10. What if the current owner is inactive or unavailable? Can the ownership be transferred? 

Ans. Ideally, the transfer of ownership should be a joint decision. If the current owner is unavailable, contact Discord support in the event of exceptions.

11. Can a change of ownership be made without the owner’s consent?

Ans. No. Ownership transfer is something the present owner must actively do. This can only be done with their explicit consent.

12. Does a change of ownership affect the server’s settings and content?

Ans. After a transfer of ownership, a server’s settings and content remain unchanged. All that changes is the transfer of administrative control to the designated member.


If you have been looking for a way on how to transfer ownership on discord to people on discord servers then consider reading the text above. From this text, you are going to find all the information you need which will enable you to carry out this process with ease. If you want to know more about it, you can ask us in the comment section.

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