What Are The Components That Make Up The Best Explainer Videos?

Arnab Dey Technology 27 April 2023 3 Mins Read
Explainer Videos

Creating a quality animated explainer video can take some time investment and work. But what really goes into it?

Here, we’re going to take a look at the components that will help you make an explainer video to be proud of.


Within eight seconds of watching your video, your audience should be sold on continuing to watch the rest of it. A great animated explainer video should maximize the time by connecting with your audience and quickly grabbing their attention.

At the same time, your video should be on point and concise. Even if your audience doesn’t yet know what your product does, they should understand it after watching the first 10-15 seconds.


Not all visuals need to be flashy. These days, many businesses and brands are taking a simple or “minimalist” approach to their web content. That’s why animated explainer videos are a great feature of websites.

They’re simple and shareable. They’re also effective in driving traffic to your page or website. Just make sure that your video doesn’t distract your audience and that the message comes across. And keep the animation simple.


The aim of an animated explainer video is to explain a particular product or service. That’s why voice is important, with the narrator being clear and easy to understand.

Make sure your narrator talks in a straightforward manner and without any effort to sound posh. They should be able to talk about your product simply and with ease, addressing your audience as if they were an individual.


Another way to make your video easy to understand is to make sure that it actually makes sense. It should effectively demonstrate what your product is all about and how it works.

Break it down if you have to. Even if the product is familiar to your audience, make sure to convey your product and how it works. That makes it easier for them to tell their friends about it.

Wrap Up

Essentially, an effective animated explainer video should capture the attention of your intended audience and then make the most of it while you still have it. That’s why the best ones are short, get straight to the point, and end with a clear call to action.

Once you have an animated explainer video, your next job is to have it converted. After all, if you intend for it to help you improve your bottom line, it will need to increase sales and generate profits.

When it comes to measuring success and growth, conversions are the most important metrics. Whether you’re looking for more signups or sales, calculating your video’s conversions is important in measuring ROI.

There are tools that exist to help you measure the success or effectiveness of your video, such as Facebook Ads and Google Analytics. But before you can do that, you need an animated explainer video that hits all the above points, and that’s where an explainer video agency comes in.

Having a professionally produced explainer video as a part of your content portfolio would instantly make your products or services more accessible to your audience, giving them more of a reason to buy, and as a result, increasing the conversions that matter.

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