Gathering Your Focus: 6 Components Of An Excellent Study Place

Sumona Technology 26 December 2022 3 Mins Read
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With the current situation worldwide, home education has become a new normality that has affected the vast majority, regardless of whether you are a student or if you have children, all academic levels have migrated to virtual classrooms and this has changed the dynamics of study because the spaces of the house how the living room or dining room have become the new places of study, this is not the most convenient.

Top 6 Of An Excellent Study Place

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1. Choose the best spot

There must be a space designated solely for study, so you help program your brain to focus on only one thing to be in that area. If you mix spaces like the bedroom or the living room with the study place, you send crossed messages, making studying more difficult.

When choosing the ideal place take into account the following factors:

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  • Be away from the noise as much as possible
  • Have a good internet connection
  • Avoid distractions such as windows in front of the desk or televisions
  • Try to get natural light in your study space

2. Have good lighting

The best light for studying is natural light. If this type of lighting is not possible, you can opt for an alternative, such as an artificial lamp that can be adjusted in height and intensity.Free photo portrait of woman typing on laptop and smiling at camera, doing online class work to create research project for school homework. young adult planning assignment information on computer.

Adequate lighting helps you stay focused and it is important to protect your eyes after spending so many hours exposed to blue light, the best option is an artificial light source that simulates the warmth of natural light in order to keep it stable regardless of changes in light due to the time, weather or seasons of the year.

3. Choose the right furniture

Desks are the best choice because they have several organizational spaces. There is a wide variety of styles and materials so that it does not interfere with the decoration of the space in which it is installed. From desks with plenty of storage space for papers to minimalist desks with only room for a computer, it is something to consider. Also, as children grow, their needs will change, so it is advisable to choose a piece of furniture that can be modified over time.

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Although the choice of the desk is essential, the work chair is the most important. This choice also depends on the student’s age: for university students who should be chosen the most advisable is an ergonomic chair in which they can spend long hours of study comfortably thinking about “How to write my essays?” and doing other study assignments.

4. Store your educational material

When migrating studies entirely to the home, study material multiplies between notebooks, manual works, stationery, and what would generally live in backpacks, such as colored pencils and pens. All this material cannot be spread all over the house because it generates confusion for everyone, both parents and the student.

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A tip to avoid this problem is to dedicate a shelf or drawers with divisions to keep everything in order. It is also essential to have organizers that help classify the study material, whether it is divided by subject, semester, or even to be able to separate the materials in case there is more than one student at home.

5. Tidy up to avoid distractions

Especially for younger students, the order is essential to keep them focused during online classes. Avoid having objects from other activities, such as toys or food, in the work studio, as well as pencils or boxes, so that as soon as they use a material, they can return it to its place. The fewer distractions there are in sight, the easier it will be to focus on studying.

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6. Choose the best color

Suppose it is possible to dedicate a room specifically for the study. In that case, the choice of color is very important. Avoid bright colors and opt for pastel blues or greens to help concentration. Orange or yellow colors help with motivation and productivity but stay away from figures or patterns because they can affect concentration. You can incorporate these colors with decorations or curtains.

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