Features Of Business Headshots

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Business Headshots

For the reputation of any company or organization, it is especially important to have business headshots. Not only clients, but also business partners, when evaluating the work of the company, pay attention to social networks, website, where business photos should be obligatory. This type of photos helps to convey the mood in the team, as well as the corporate spirit. Photos are able to emphasize the main idea of the company, as well as its goals and direction.

What Corporate Photos Can Be

Corporate Photos

  Business photos help to show the work of the company from the inside, as well as to introduce each employee. There are several types of corporate photos:

  • photo of the manager during negotiations or work;
  • a portrait of each employee individually, respecting the dress code;
  • a headshot of the leader and the team together;
  • photo of the team during the work process.

Each photo should convey the personality traits of the employees, the manager, as well as initiate the atmosphere of the company.

What Are Business Photos For?


Publishing business photos on a website allows you to show your manager and team as serious and reliable people who do what they love. If you have business photos, you can get more partners, sponsors, and clients to the company. Also, this type of photo will be needed for people who are looking for a job.

As a rule, many employers, besides reading the resume, pay attention to the photo. After all, a photo can either favor or repel an employer. That’s why business photos should be taken professionally.

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Where You Can Book A Business Photo Shoot In New York

Business Photo Shoot In New York

Lev Gorn is not only a famous actor and director but also a photographer. For several years GORNPHOTO photo studio has been helping Lev create professional photoshoots.

No matter what you need business photos for, for your resume, or your own company’s website, Lev Gorn will help you create a portfolio with all the personalities in mind. A photo shoot with Lev Gorn helps you bring out your best qualities, which will look natural in the photo.

If you will order an individual business shoot for your portfolio, then you will need to take care of the dress code and light makeup. If you need a photo shoot of the entire team, then you need to choose good locations in the office and make sure that everyone is dressed in business style.

Lev will be able to take not only scheduled photos, but also capture employees during the work process. This approach helps to fully reveal the collective atmosphere. You can make an appointment for a photo shoot on the website of the GORNPHOTO photo studio.

A manager will discuss with you the time and help you decide on the location for the shooting. You can also make an appointment on the site or get a free consultation beforehand. This variant is suitable for corporate photo sessions when there are a lot of important details and various trifles to discuss.

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