How To Take Photos Of Fairy Lights And Candles On Your Phone

published on: 21 February 2023 last updated on: 31 July 2023
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Every self-respecting photographer’s portfolio should have some “obligatory” pictures. These are a shot of the full moon with craters, a shot of the city at night from some high-rise, some shots where the photographer experiments with slow shutter speeds, and of course a shot of a candle flame. With Luminar Neo, you can add picture lighting effects to your photos. Magic Light AI allows you to quickly and easily create an evening street story or make your Christmas photos fabulous.

Best Tips For Taking Fairy Lights And Candles

1. Choose A Background

Any dark cloth (black is best) will work well as a background for a shot of a bright candle flame. This will increase the sense of contrast. Try velvet, velour, or canvas cloth in darker shades so you can see the texture of the fabric itself in the picture.

2. Pick Up An Original Candle Holder If You Plan To Have The Full-Length Candle In The Frame

Interesting variants of candlesticks you can find at thrift stores or flea markets. And maybe you can “dig out” something among your grandmother’s old stuff, or in the attic of your summer cottage. The candlestick must be truly unique.

3. Eliminate The Possibility Of Extra Light In The Frame

To do this, shoot in complete darkness. Cover the windows with curtains. Turn off the LCD screen mode on the camera. Take pictures using the viewfinder.

4. Set The Camera To Manual Mode

  • Open the aperture to its maximum value.
  • Use a slow shutter speed if you want to take a picture of a frozen flame.
  • Set the ISO to the lowest setting possible. Another way to compensate for low light is to increase the ISO setting. However, by doing so, you may get an image with a lot of graininess (noise). If possible, try to keep ISO below 400, you can get a nice clean shot. If you go higher, you will notice some digital noise in post-processing, especially if you increase the frame size. If your goal is to get a “plume of fire” then, on the contrary, set the shutter speed to a high value.
  • Put the camera on a tripod to get a clear shot.

The main problem in this type of photo shoot is insufficient lighting. If you have a professional candlelight photo shoot in your studio, you can solve this with additional equipment. If you do not have access to professional equipment, the easiest way to let more light into the camera is to choose slow shutter speeds. If you want the flames to flicker in the frame and the flame to remain still, try to remove any movement on the set and set the shutter speed to 1/15th of a second.

The main highlight of such a photo set is the special atmosphere that is created by the warm light coming from the flame. But if you have an automatic white balance setting on your camera, the camera will automatically try to get rid of this yellowish hue. To get the best balance between the yellow light from the candle and other tones, select the desired mode manually.

5. Watch The Sharpness Of The Image

Don’t rely on Photoshop or Luminar Neo, where “you can tighten things up later. Good sharpness and contrast can be achieved at the moment of shooting with the proper use of manual adjustments. It’s time to become a serious photographer.

Try to take inspiration from other photos if you cannot yet set the scene. Check out these abandoment stock images, and others from this website to get inspiration.

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6. Experiment With Light

Experiment With Light


You can take several shots in a room that is not completely darkened. Add one light source. Try including a few more objects in your still life (a book, paper, pen, a rose, etc.).

If you are doing a candlelight photo shoot at home, the best settings are “Indoor” or “Tungsten”. Alternatively, shoot in RAW format. Then you can adjust the tones in detail in the photo editing software and settle on a color scheme that is appropriate for you.

Photo Of A Candle With A Model

If you take a photo of a girl by candlelight, it is likely that her face will not be illuminated enough. That’s okay, as long as that’s your creative idea. If you want to accentuate the face, you can diffuse the main lighting. Alternatively, use light reflective surfaces. For example, if you shoot the model against a white wall, the light will reflect onto the subject and give an extra glow to the model’s face.

So, we told you about the important nuances of taking pictures in low light conditions. If you are still hesitant to start the process because you lack the idea, here are some ideas for photos with candles.

  • Make candles the center of the photo. You can mix them with colorful garlands and decorations. By creating different compositions and changing accessories, you can achieve any desired atmosphere.
  • Want to create a fairy tale world in your photos? Do a photoshoot in a forest with candles. Surround the model with dozens of candles or use vintage lanterns for a stunning result!
  • Bring more color into your shoot – literally. You can find colorful candles in almost any store and make interesting compositions with them.
  • Want to make a really spectacular shot? A great idea is a photo shoot with candles on your shoulders. With the help of candle wax, you can achieve the effect of multicolored beads on the model’s body. If you don’t want to risk it, you can shoot the two shots separately and then combine them in post-processing.

Now you know how to take photos in candlelight, and you’ve also picked up some ideas. Photographing in low light always requires some skill, especially if the light comes from such a small flame.

If you want to create a quality shot, you can’t do it without post-processing. We recommend using Luminar Neo. With Magic Light AI you can add small decorative lights or street lights to make your photos incredible.

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