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5 Best Ways To Tidy Up Your House

Tidy Up Your House

Whether you live alone, share a space with a flatmate, or have a huge family… Everyone struggles with tidying the house. After all, no job can seem as tedious and repetitive. But the festive season is here and you gotta tidy up before Santa drops by.

So, here are a few ways you can do that.

Top 5 Ways To Tidy Up Your House

1. Make your bed right after you wake up

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There’s a reason why all of our parents forced us to make our own bed right when we woke up. No, it wasn’t just to prepare us for when we become independent.

Rather, it helped you retire to a fresh and cozy bed at night and helped you get a good night’s sleep. And none of us can deny, sound sleep helps your success and growth!

So, without any second thoughts, make sure you always make your bed every morning. Lay new sheets and pillow covers, straighten up the blankets, and don’t let the kids or pets mess up your hard work!

If you don’t change your bedsheets regularly, get rid of the dust with a bed cleaner.

2. Keep your space organized while working

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Whether you cook, apply makeup, or work, keep your space clean on the go!

You heard me right… try to be tidy while you’re using any space. For instance, keep a wiping cloth with you while cooking. Instantly clean up any spills during cooking. Return the spices and veggies to their space once you’re done.

If you work from home, don’t throw your papers around even if you’re frustrated.

While grooming yourself, keep your products back in their right space and clean the mess immediately. If you’re done eating, wash the dishes right after. Don’t keep it for later!

After choosing the right outfit, fold and put away the other outfits in the cupboard right away. Then, after a long day, put your clothes in the laundry bag if you’ll wash them. Or, hang it on the hook if you’ll use it again.

3. Never try to clean all rooms at once

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Get this straight: Cleaning is an art and you need to follow some rules if you wish to master it.

Don’t try to clean your porch, unclog the toilet, sanitize the refrigerator, and tidy the study… all at the same time. So, if you start with cleaning your cupboard in the bedroom, wrap up the bedroom first.

Okay, cleaning is pretty troublesome… and people often switch from one room to another to avoid boredom. But this way, the cleanup won’t be efficient.

Have a proper direction while cleaning. So, if you’ve entered one room, make sure you clean it up top before moving to the other room.

4. Deep clean your home once a week

Photo woman cleaning the carpet with vacuum cleaner in the living room

If you want to have a spick-and-span space, use Commercial Cleaning Supplies weekly. They can help you eliminate the worst stains, especially in your kitchen, toilet, and carpet.

Since these can be quite expensive, you must use domestic cleaning utilities regularly. But the stronger commercial variants will come in handy when you can’t deal with stubborn dirt and grime. At least they’ll save you from the extra charges for deep cleaning services and taxes!

When looking for such products, try to find the ones which are eco-friendly and will not harm your health. Additionally, look for brands that supply these products on a subscription basis with the option to reuse empty containers to limit the use of single-use plastic.

5. Follow a cleaning schedule

Photo happy young woman in blue rubber using mop while cleaning on floor at home

While you don’t need to deep-clean often, you must still clean regularly. But, of course, you’re human; you might get tired in between and put things away for another day.

And everyone knows… that “another day” never comes!

So, create two charts – one for regular cleaning, and another for deep cleaning – and stick them on the refrigerator.

Note down all the regular cleaning chores like the laundry, dishes, and dusting, along with which room you’ll start with, etc.

The tasks will look simple in the chart, and you’re less likely to procrastinate.

Over to you…

Don’t just tidy your house because guests will come over. A dirty house breeds negativity, so if you want to stay motivated, tidy up regularly. Start right now and notice the change in your mood!

Further, if you want to keep your home tidy without effort, adopt cleanliness in your daily routine. If you don’t create a mess, there will be nothing to clean… simple!


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