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Modern Upgrades For Your Home

You have a great home and love it a lot, but that doesn’t mean there’s not room for some improvements! Technology changes fast and there are some new ways to make even a perfect home even better! Here are some of our favorite upgrades that will take your home from great to fantastic:

Tankless Water Heater – Instead of having a traditional big tank of hot water taking up closet space you could use for other things, why not go for a tankless heater that is much smaller, bolts to the wall just about anywhere, and can provide steaming hot water on demand at a much lower price than those old tanks! Check out Aquamax Hot Water Systems for a system that is going to save you space as well as a lot of money in energy costs! You will never run out of hot water from a tank again, this system will let you shower for as long as you like!

Radiant Heat Flooring – Heat rises, so why not have it rise naturally instead of from an electricity-sucking blower? Consider the luxury of an evenly distributed source beneath the floor that makes every inch of your home a warm and cozy space for bare feet on those cold nights! You can also say goodbye to the hiss and hum racket of a traditional vented heating system along with its high energy price tag! You can even have radiant floor heating installed outdoors under a deck or patio so you can enjoy sitting out in the evening chill without having to bundle up!

Modern Garage Doors – If you are still pulling on a cord to make that old-time garage door open with a clatter loud enough to make the neighbors wonder what is the matter, then it’s time to get with the times and go for a new, improved garage door system! These days most people use their garage for much more than just a way to keep the car out of the rain, the space often doubles as a workshop, hobby room, or even a man cave! Go for a new-style garage door that’s insulated to keep the temperature nice, and has windows fitted to provide that usually gloomy space with more natural light. No more pulling the cord, either, an electric opener takes care of that with the touch of a button. Not only will things be more comfortable in there, but a new garage door has great curb appeal, too!

Robot Vacuum Cleaner – Yes, these exist, the future is now! You will feel like George Jetson as you watch your robot do the vacuuming for you!

The Australian government is serious about investing in the future with home energy upgrades, so make sure to check out their info, it might help you save big on your home improvements! We hope that these fun upgrades help you to make your home the very best it can be for years to come!

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